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Spell check of foul

Correct spelling: foul

pain, grungy, fret, choke down, fulsome, lousy, disgusting, corrosive, tempestuous, stained, stifle, stag, implike, uncleanly, ill-scented, hot-tempered, distasteful, baseball, immoral, resistant, stinky, deviant, mismanage, filthy, fight, buy the farm, cheating, frustrate, shocking, boggle, malignant, shabby, cramp, ribald, putrefy, delay, decent, pestiferous, give-up the ghost, marked-up, wanton, obscene, dive, noxious, repulsive, unprintable, sinful, impede, detrimental, impish, pixilated, fetter, restrain, spoil, bung, rancorous, tangle, yucky, black, one-sided, rough, arch, venomous, toxic, impair, defile, pestilential, backhanded, muck up, stenchy, counter, crude, fusty, deny, balk, bottleneck, pornographic, impure, delivery, scandalous, raunchy, squally, restrict, hamper, unsporting, vicious, scatologic, drive, irritable, disgraceful, suffocate, hamstring, snafu, croak, strong, complicate, baseline, baffle, raw, decease, unwholesome, unhealthful, hurtful, snuff it, festering, strangle, hideous, muddy, dishonorable, stay, unjust, ill-gotten, crummy, encumber, unsavory, coarse, back down, untidy, entrap, throttle, heinous, indecent, bleak, repelling, stop, atrocious, disgustful, bunt, despisable, inclement, entangle, corner, reeky, locker-room, curb, dusty, ripe, cripple, abominable, illegible, inhibit, foul-smelling, befoul, block, tight, ballpark, noisome, sullen, spiteful, clot, brake, detain, cash in one's chips, die, infectious, antipathetic, dam, perish, soil, besmirch, smirch, ill-natured, unseasonable, muddied, expire, discriminatory, choke, hateful, destructive, clog, catch, louse up, vulgar, touchy, defensive, correct, draggled, mire, murky, mucky, contemptible, bobble, begrimed, fly, X-rated, unethical, reprehensible, partisan, injurious, baneful, deleterious, rank, stormy, sloppy, cloud, onside, irascible, help, horrid, inequitable, grubby, offside, streak, virulent, uneven, short-tempered, bad, mephitic, go, sullied, tarnish, mess up, abhorrent, perverted, back up, sully, bemired, monstrous, repellent, come on, deadly, snag, maculate, damnable, defiled, stain, musty, sultry, pollute, base, chip, muddle, chop down, venal, revolting, terrible, wicked, low-down, overload, back off, like, unsavoury, blast, resist, pass away, constrain, porny, unequal, insalubrious, calamitous, dingy, nefarious, burden, unsanitary, bungle, unsportsmanlike, blunder, hinder, jam, trashy, ruinous, bat, meet, sinister, dirty, come off, encounter, repellant, horrendous, deter, baleful, odious, amoral, scrag, obnoxious, reeking, paralyze, detestable, repugnant, afoul, lewd, choke back, smudge, antagonistic, thwart, conk, ball, lascivious, gutter, drag, wretched, moody, double, squalid, freestyle, offensive, out-of-bounds, mishandle, broad, batboy, rotten, partial, vile, nasty, blow, snarl, catty, churlish, temperamental, sordid, soiled, baulk, dribble, unfair, smutty, black-hearted, grotty, bollix up, loathly, prankish, drop dead, corrupt, poisonous, sensitive, blank, frowsty, asphyxiate, perverting, dreadful, malevolent, kick the bucket, support, tangled, two-cycle, grimy, unholy, contaminating, cruddy, constipate, gum up, turbine, blue, foetid, septic, pop off, front, contaminate, ball girl, clog up, severe, frowsy, harmful, scruffy, biased, appalling, plug, bitter, exit, clean, smelly, nauseating, malodorous, barnyard, scurrilous, turbulent, ugly, funky, bad-tempered, mischievous, obstruct, gag, blackened, mean, hit, check, ball boy, vindictive, smudged, harsh, hostile, slovenly, rich, infamous, skanky, evil, bar, horsepower, rancid, screw up, back, dishonest, fractious, fumble, bedraggled, taint, humid, backhand, unjustifiable, good, profane, treacherous, besmirched, perfidious, malicious, crimp, gross, smear, congest, icky, fetid, cross, threatening, queasy, fouled, choke off, Fescennine, sickening, low, stinking, at bat, awful, horrible, oppose, scatological, bawdy, fierce, interrupt, engine, pernicious, ball up, botch, handicap, cover, unclean, opprobrious, putrid, muggy, flooded, nauseous, rebarbative, befouled, unhygenic, loathsome, goof up, puckish, prejudiced, call, ground out, pass, despicable, liter, illegal.

gratifying, unexceptionable, stainless, unspotted, appropriate, satisfying, pure, G-rated, favorable, prudish, beneficent, aromatic, innocuous, sparkling, balmy, pleasing, puritanical, orderly, invigorating, approved, taintless, attractive, limpid, salubrious, combed, undefiled, whitened, flowery, decorous, rejuvenating, healthful, prim, nice, luscious, shiny, suitable, ethical, flawless, darling, Victorian, cleansed, fit, legible, palatable, inoffensive, blessed, life-giving, untangled, just, in-bounds, perfect, cleaned, unobjectionable, fragrant, meet, respectable, tidy, priggish, acceptable, felicitous, unclog, scrupulous, serene, immaculate, delightful, unpolluted, sanctioned, fruity, endorsed, sportsmanlike, salutary, advantageous, honorable, virginal, congenial, peaceful, ordered, beneficial, helpful, useful, savory, restorative, principled, clement, rainless, staid, moral, proper, fair, clean, cloudless, pleasurable, woodsy, irreproachable, delicious, good, law-abiding, redolent, unstained, spick-and-span, sportsmanly, bright, unimpeachable, purified, ambrosial, scented, sweet, desirable, unclouded, appealing, groomed, spotless, likable, bleached, dreamy, profitable, placid, delectable, decent, unblemished, agreeable, cleanly, welcome, heavenly, halcyon, enjoyable, becoming, sunny, polite, calm, legal, seemly, healthy, wholesome, sunshiny, righteous, delightsome, serviceable, spicy, inviting, correct, neat, straitlaced, untouched, clear, unsullied, genteel, dulcet, pleasant, alluring, perfumed, unsoiled, untainted.

Examples of usage:

1) We fear foul play of some sort. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) There has been foul play here. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It may be that we will not meet your or my father at all- and that these foul people have kidnapped us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.