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Spell check of even

Correct spelling: even

amiable, compress, hexadecimal, liberal, divisible, indivisible, interminable, alike, unchangeable, lenient, polished, scour, satin-smooth, nonstop, monotonous, slilken, unwavering, level, assist, charitable, cool, as yet, plane, indefatigable, all the same, balanced, nonchalant, consonant, silken, withal, likewise, at a time, peaceable, lax, crisscross, connected, unbroken, collected, plain, attack, indistinguishable, burnish, edgeless, deadlock, glassy, undifferentiated, hitherto, candy-striped, unceasing, fair, aggregate, in time, sleek, tear down, moreover, grind, unvarying, unbalanced, perennial, gradual, invariable, unending, tantamount, homogeneous, justified, heretofore, repetitive, moderate, binary, quantitative, silky, peaceful, undying, round, point, for good, equivalent, easy, e'en, bury, quits, consistent, incessant, evenhanded, flatten, also, gapless, marble, charge, glaze, entirely, rase, easygoing, kind, until now, squish, darkness, bloody, square, blush, sand, quiet, prairie-like, chalk something up, soft, composed, steady, permissive, varnished, undeviating, afternoons, coequal, tabular, sequential, straight, cordial, underlying, unruffled, consecutive, pull down, whereas, unchanging, meek, up to now, all, at ease, so far, streamlined, broad-minded, shiny, everlasting, coherent, horizontal, another, continuing, deflate, glossy, like, evening, burnished, smoothly, gloss, actively, cushion, tie, clement, libertarian, funnily enough, forbearing, flush, true, lacquered, glazed, equitable, symmetrical, indeed, unremitting, quantifiable, however, regular, make up, gentle, yet, benign, planar, equal, uniform, irreversible, continuous, slick, even-tempered, calculable, slippery, repeated, relaxed, invariant, symmetric, purge, same, despite, average, than, pay, assonant, continual, fifty-fifty, sheer, eve, tolerant, open-minded, sluice, duplicate, annualized, notwithstanding, mild, e'er, precise, unconstipated, flatbottom, possessed, smooth, satiny, habitual, endless, nevertheless, til now, veritable, robot-like, bedtime, final, even out, compensate, unflappable, next to, monolithic, dappled, afternoon, actually, exact, awfully, thus far, concede, quit, counterbalance, polish, seamless, tied, dismantle, decimal, ceaseless, chronological, checkerboard, recurrent, detached, even up, genial, redden, daylight, lasting, checked, frictionless, blunt, featureless, any, imperceptible, identical, persistent, chilled, correct, day, relative, double-digit, changeless, even so, even off, tender, chequered, level off, calm, insipid, raze, still, interchangeable, velvety, eventide, different, cyclical, flatbottomed, take down, too, grade, un-intermittent, nonetheless, actual, cool-headed, checkered, awful, relatively, imperturbable, flat, equable, crimson, benevolent, perpetual, broken, firm, rigid, slithery, laid-back, constant, undiversified, stock-still, daytime, sweet.

distant, cross-grained, unequal, discriminable, coarse, dissimilar, scraggy, slanting, imprecise, diverse, divers, irregular, crinkly, pockmarked, near, unalike, comparative, distinctive, differentiable, rugged, warped, pocky, jaggy, asymmetric, changing, asymmetrical, miscellaneous, various, wavy, undulating, different, deviating, unaligned, broken, inclined, pitted, sundry, wavelike, crinkled, relative, ragged, unlike, unparallel, disparate, rough, varying, untrue, uneven, bumpy, sloping, nonidentical, other, lumpy, unsteady, odd, jagged, approximate, distinguishable, rippled, inexact, rolling, undulatory, out of true, distinct, unsmoothed, patchy, hilly, varied, nonuniform.

Examples of usage:

1) He was a Son, in a sense in which no other, even of the Jews, could claim to be so. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Why, Jane had not even suspected poor Bayworth Kaye's infatuation! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Even now he could not be sorry she was ill. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.