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Spell check of continual

Correct spelling: continual

unceasing, canonical, monotonous, commonplace, lasting, undeviating, prevailing, routine, continuing, homogeneous, continuous, perennial, permanent, cyclical, persistent, unremitting, unrelenting, standard, flat, repetitive, timeless, repeated, straight, frequent, indefatigable, regular, interminable, enduring, recurrent, habitual, unbroken, usual, steady, undying, stock, uniform, periodical, level, round-the-clock, ceaseless, even, chronic, unfailing, universal, epochal, orthodox, perpetual, rhythmic, constant, customary, incessant, continued, continue, featureless, uninterrupted, running, everlasting, familiar, accustomed, consistent, general, seamless, normal, common, unvarying, around-the-clock, eternal, periodic, traditional, ordinary, recurring, invariable, mundane, ongoing, unchangeable, sequential, unchanging, connected, immortal, average, endless, predominating, monolithic, conventional, relentless, insistent, on-and-off, consecutive, coherent, nonstop, unending, infinite, everyday.

everlasting, perpetual, unpredictable, incessant, noncontinuous, alternating, periodic, isolated, fitful, irregular, continuous, interminable, sporadic, erratic, spotty, cyclic, serial, unceasing, recurring, stray, eternal, rhythmic, occasional, alternate, recurrent, discontinuous, unsteady, seasonal, constant, spasmodic, periodical, intermittent.

Examples of usage:

1) If the doctor should sanction this continual emotion for a patient suffering from typhus fever, it is no business of mine. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) But in spite of the fatigue caused by this continual walking and standing, I could find no rest till the morning dawned. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Let your soul have within it, a continual Yes. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.