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Spell check of evil

Correct spelling: evil

repellency, contagious, rancorous, malice, depravity, nauseous, fell, corrosive, deterrent, villainous, baleful, contagion, injustice, vileness, the Devil, sickening, attitude, black-hearted, calamity, virulent, heinousness, mischief, blow, disadvantage, reprehensible, revolting, reprehensibleness, barbarous, malignant, savage, awful, evil-minded, hurtful, loathsome, nefarious, calamitous, injurious, badness, brutalities, horrid, maleficent, sinister, animosity, diabolical, corrosiveness, mischievous, bullying, maliciousness, nefariousness, repulsiveness, unrighteous, noisome, spitefulness, inauspicious, bane, sinful, disgust, appalling, reprobate, infernal, iniquitous, damaging, bitter, amoral, baneful, turpitude, offensive, abhorrent, fulsome, gross, malign, foul, treacherous, dreadful, nauseating, grievous, bad, cancerous, perverted, unkind, unpropitious, malicious, foulness, unpleasantness, uncharitable, monstrosity, sinisterness, offense, kiss of death, deleterious, hateful, bitterness, nocuous, disincentive, devilish, corruptive, affliction, horrendous, ill, calamitousness, unlawful, satanic, churlish, cruel, vindictive, rotten, sin, deviant, viciousness, fiendish, repulsive, immorality, shame, ugliness, satanism, sordid, inadvisability, luck, cloud, hatefulness, hostile, obnoxious, hard, sliminess, antagonistic, villainy, flagitious, condemnable, disgrace, atrocious, savagery, unholy, ugly, black, pernicious, poisonous, repugnant, evilness, misfortune, nasty, demonic, ominous, malevolent, abhorrence, annoyance, baseness, pitiless, cursed, venomous, offensiveness, perfidious, abomination, sullen, ill nature, repellent, aversion, wicked, wickedness, atrocity, loathsomeness, detrimental, Lucifer, meanness, vicious, cattiness, abominable, venom, adverse, roughshod, distasteful, unworthy, darkness, noxious, maltreatment, horror, goad, blackness, unethical, damnation, mephistophelian, harmful, catty, disgusting, wrongness, terribleness, mephistophelean, deterrence, prejudicial, Old Nick, barbarism, odious, inhumanity, sinfulness, hideousness, lousiness, virulence, detestation, detriment, deplorable, unfairness, horn, despiteful, nastiness, destructive, terrible, malignancy, vile, malevolence, iniquity, nuisance, brutal, monstrous, depraved, criminal, shabbiness, horrible, heinous, doom, execration, help, black mass, vice, malefic, right, disgraceful, shocking, immoral, hideous, perversive, hurtfulness, curse, peccant, damnable, disastrous, antagonism, scourge, infectious, inhuman, spiteful, hammer blow, poison, obscene, unsavory, corrupt, unfavorable, malfeasance, infection, dark, plague, cancer, scandalous, diabolic, hellish, abuse, hatred, wrong, crime, despicable, detestable, dangerous, mean, rancid, cruelty, ill-natured.

delightful, decorous, reputable, chaste, nonpoisonous, honest, favorable, angelical, respected, enjoyable, redemptive, beneficial, joy, harmless, goody-goody, saintlike, goodness, promoted, sweet, elevated, appealing, dreamy, white, noble, palliative, benefit, endorsed, dulcet, advantageous, pleasant, unobjectionable, unerring, sainted, incorruptible, satisfying, moral, permitted, guiltless, delightsome, licensed, safe, correct, gratifying, spotless, agreeable, squeaky-clean, nonvenomous, good, nice, exemplary, seemly, righteous, propitious, unexceptionable, palatable, legal, approval, benignant, sound, esteemed, law-abiding, just, lofty, virtuous, beatific, commendable, right, luscious, salubrious, felicitous, proper, alluring, irreproachable, beneficent, encouraged, authorized, satisfaction, darling, healthful, principled, allowed, inviting, remedial, salutary, innocuous, innocent, enjoyment, blessing, angelic, venerable, gratification, legitimate, saintly, secure, delight, creditable, high-minded, approved, desire, benign, honorable, saving, inoffensive, uncorrupted, congenial, nonpolluting, desirable, wholesome, nonfatal, affection, scrupulous, nonlethal, attractive, supported, pure, delectable, appreciation, permissible, noncorrosive, delicious, lily-white, worthy, savory, ethical, abetted, welcome, redeeming, pleasurable, treat, heavenly, high, blessed, helpful, upstanding, decent, clean, sanctioned, esteem, restorative, upright, useful, healthy, nontoxic, noninfectious, curative, sublime, pleasing, acceptable, likable, anodyne, immaculate, perfect, hurtless, nondestructive, blameless.

Examples of usage:

1) Lingard felt as if he was in an evil dream. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) Was it possible that Wantele had been right, and that she was doing an evil thing by the man she loved? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) They'll not come; or, if they do, it will be with evil in their hearts. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.