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Spell check of common

Correct spelling: common

cyclical, conjunct, frequent, bum, fledged, conventionally, uncouth, genteel, terrible, gregarious, predominating, natural, surprise, green, uncultivated, so-so, baseborn, distributed, outlandish, gaudy, homespun, crass, tedious, general, unexceptional, barnyard, medium, commons, perpetual, canonical, continual, household, often, garden, block, philistine, median, shared, roughneck, standard, epochal, commonly, trite, regular, lumpen, mediocre, wretched, well-worn, mass, vox pop, roughhewn, brutish, typical, usual, combined, profane, barbaric, repulsive, coarse, lowbred, cockney, born, plain, reciprocal, car park, custom, parking area, orthodox, lousy, midmost, wearisome, mezzo, rhythmic, democratic, great, lower-class, ill-bred, across-the-board, scandalous, cheap, earthy, trashy, animal, demotic, multiple, omnipresent, unrefined, respectable, pooled, stereotype, innocuous, indivisible, OK, bargain-basement, common land, migratory, middling, clumsy, periodic, nondescript, harsh, usually, individual, global, agora, overall, burbs, sleazy, good, crested, offensive, coincident, declassed, boorish, moderately, passable, acceptable, unnatural, rough, schlock, cantonment, predominantly, commonalty, characteristic, second-rate, average, ignominious, low-life, collusive, banal, junky, garden-variety, group, middle-of-the-road, pedestrian, special K, rugged, illiberal, mere, grassroots, park, jet, raw, uncultured, glaring, cat valium, unadorned, dominant, ubiquitous, generic, overused, chronic, cabbagetown, repeatedly, hackneyed, co-operative, tawdry, tactless, unbecoming, unassuming, proletarian, lowbrow, humble, casual, populist, trivial, tolerable, lowly, accustomed, rank, routine, vulgar, uneducated, better, co-active, quotidian, indifferent, steady, everyday, ruling, normal, artless, uneven, accepted, greens, monotonous, stereotyped, leafy vegetable, all right, depraved, universal, low-rent, prevalent, cooperative, unseemly, informal, inferior, unremarkable, patent, timeworn, rubbishy, cheapjack, ordinary, co-operating, concerted, broad-brush, subordinate, conditioned, predominant, base, common or garden, gross, dull, mutual, fairish, tidy, execrable, undivided, vernacular, crude, B-list, unsophisticated, united, lowborn, humdrum, widespread, goodish, popular, above, suburban, undignified, super acid, shoddy, area, chief, plebeian, bad, insipid, adequate, repeated, A-list, master, prevailing, second-class, borough, mid, unpolished, frequently, conjoint, traditional, third estate, below, modest, low-class, garish, blanket, brazen, undistinguished, elite, knowledge, bilateral, viridity, customarily, specific, well-known, personal, run-of-the-mill, commonality, shabby, barrio, unusual, many, armpit, broad, rough-hewn, homely, worn-out, parking lot, constant, infamous, unwashed, abiding, current, untutored, probable, greenness, workaday, standard-issue, bourgeois, community, private, insensible, coarse-grained, cut-rate, miserable, cheesy, unique, trumpery, full-fledged, a lot, gimcrack, poor, customary, familiar, parkland, obscene, low-quality, commonplace, collaborative, platitudinous, conformable, cut-and-dried, el cheapo, among, warmed-over, brownfield, communistic, obvious, substandard, mean, popularly, honey oil, received, rough-cut, acclimated, communal, rotten, prosaic, salty, stale, dominantly, normally, sordid, collective, provincial, ignoble, corporate, super C, putting green, stock, all the time, incult, notorious, shameless, prole, recurrent, over, inelegant, tasteless, formulaic, revolting, halfway, webbed, idiomatic, graceless, sufficient, rude, lesser, run-of-the-mine, simple, flightless, majority, mundane, ordinarily, low, chintzy, conventional, decent, satisfactory, in bad taste, colloquial, correspondent, low-grade, degraded, indelicate, ballpark, coefficient, regularly, basic, public, moderate, raffish, metronomic, habitual, fair.

constituent, salient, infrequent, insufficient, A1, quaint, red-carpet, superb, matchless, sole, unpopular, optimum, genteel, supreme, unprecedented, unorthodox, funny, personal, localized, choice, individualistic, various, cultivated, highbred, nonconformist, out-of-the-way, nifty, local, untypical, marvelous, maximum, gracious, notable, unknown, wanting, highborn, singular, optimal, esoteric, freak, scarce, fantastic, superior, odd, irregular, particular, stellar, aristocratic, unexampled, fabulous, lofty, phenomenal, freakish, peculiar, peerless, first-rate, smooth, special, signal, high-grade, one-way, idiosyncratic, well-bred, cultured, elegant, restrained, polished, capital, rare, grand, especial, component, unwonted, considerate, citified, extraordinary, unilateral, outstanding, patrician, solitary, atypical, anomalous, prime, divisional, unique, kooky, oddball, handsome, preeminent, first-class, unmatched, number one, single, exceptional, sectional, one-sided, specialized, several, one-on-one, urbane, recherché, novel, abnormal, noble, unacceptable, deficient, unshared, excellent, fragmentary, handcrafted, unfamiliar, conspicuous, wacky, striking, occasional, weird, way-out, high, sterling, superlative, blue-blooded, unconventional, sporadic, distinctive, swell, good, prominent, splendid, outré, unnatural, sophisticated, eminent, terrific, unusual, separate, fine, courtly, great, inadequate, intermittent, bizarre, eccentric, cross-sectional, outrageous, one-man, lacking, unparalleled, exclusive, distinguished, uncommon, curious, graceful, sensational, upper-class, classic, wellborn, strange, tasteful, far-out, unsatisfactory, Kafkaesque, seldom, regional, unsurpassed, top-notch, individual, offbeat, sensitive, independent, partial, illustrious, tip-top, thoughtful, man-to-man, gentle, refined, wild, aberrant, top, nonpublic, civilized, exquisite, individualist, private, par excellence, upper-crust, respective, formal.

Examples of usage:

1) " Nonsense," replied the man of common sense. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Suddenly she realized how much she and John Kingsnorth had in common, for each was a coward. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) We've agreed to work together in a common cause, and do it as friends who trust each other. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.