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Spell check of crooked

Correct spelling: crooked

arched, perverted, twisted, skew-whiff, self, dishonorable, cambered, deceitful, swerved, perverse, flawed, nefarious, aslant, malposed, crafty, untrustworthy, defrauding, cheating, bowed, twisting, round-backed, writhen, off-kilter, angular, freakish, awry, sagging, akimbo, deflective, tainted, straight, serpentine, hooked, hanging, slantwise, cockeyed, hunched, spiral, curvy, wonky, geniculate, leaning, skewed, crazy, underhand, curving, deluding, cock-a-hoop, wry, reflexed, refractive, lopsided, knobbed, stooping, shady, windblown, inclined, hanged, deflected, turncoat, fast, cunning, double-dealing, rounded, stooped, uneven, aquiline, immoral, flexed, gnarly, tipping, sinuous, parabolic, traitorous, tilted, unscrupulous, listing, duplicitous, insincere, curled, irregular, slanted, sagged, corrupted, round-shouldered, sneaky, curved, disfigured, knotted, winding, corrupt, guileful, gnarled, dishonest, mangled, slanting, sloped, tortuous, double-faced, knotty, treacherous, prevaricating, misshapen, meandering, atilt, counterfeit, deformed, praetorian, venal, askew, unprincipled, deceiving, rogue, distorted, contorted, phony, shifty, fraudulent, truthless, pitched, bent, zigzag, bending, deceptive, windy, sharp, dubious, mercenary, hypocritical, bogus, squiggly, writhed, asymmetrical, felonious, refracted, asymmetric, oblique, warped, curling, twisty, swept, fictional, anfractuous, unerect, untruthful, honest, devious, false, underhanded.

forthright, honorable, true, guileless, aligned, symmetrical, level, orderly, scrupulous, direct, erect, straightarrow, linear, straight, aboveboard, square, legitimate, even, conscientious, upright, straightaway, just, balanced, truthful, straightforward, vertical, honest, unbent, valid, ethical, decent, untwisted, regular, ordered, transparent, uniform.

Examples of usage:

1) This certificate had been issued by three learned men, each one of whom knew absolutely everything; and it was agreed by them that Jane Benton should have had an even hundred but for the circumstance that her " hand write" was a little crooked. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) " Oh well," she breathed softly, smiling a crooked little smile. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.

3) You know," he said with a little crooked smile, " that I've got to work to keep it all going, and when I'm writing badly then my temper goes to pieces." - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.