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Spell check of capital

Correct spelling: capital

arbitrage, petty cash, famous, asset, copper, estate, cardinal, fund, promissory note, fine, master, jim-dandy, cracking, mean, wherewithal, great, frame, bank note, possessions, fantastic, opulence, incredible, delightful, peachy, down, bumper, setting, phat, leading, brag, boom town, preeminent, proceeds, noble, detonating device, annuity, gilt-edged, crownwork, smashing, working capital, crown, primo, plenteousness, plenty, paramount, expedients, wallet, whereabouts, grand, capital gains tax, fabulous, property, check, scaffold, with child, supreme, scene, majuscule, highest, predominant, neat, primal, terrific, superior, top-flight, prime, alphabetical, wonder, greenback, peachy keen, greatest, A1, gross, contrarian, numero uno, letter, supernal, money order, prize, splendid, capital of the United States, lovely, wonderful, rafter, choice, roof, swell, center, sensational, coinage, locale, worth, high-class, block capitals, gold, balance sheet, quality, money, foundation, financing, awesome, issue, arch, premier, central, note, burg, gravid, pounds, net worth, stanchion, large, purse, resources, currency, keen, bully, prior, scratch, slick, crackerjack, unsurpassed, fab, overbearing, wizard, help, backing, site, superb, banner, income, jacket crown, pileus, landslide, venue, IOU, four-star, bullion, subsidization, heavy, affluence, first-rate, prosperousness, chief, tremendous, top, big, corking, alphabetize, funds, alphabet, silver, tip-top, dominant, county town, serious, fortune, framework, city-state, righteous, boffo, resource, bonny, topping, frontline, prosperity, reserve, number one, boss, block letters, expectant, finance, cash, sufficiency, change, moolah, overmastering, detonator, location, treasure, bill, dollar, uppercase, marvelous, bankroll, buttress, radical, brave, assets, groovy, good, chapiter, derivative, out-of-sight, wad, joist, capitalization, beautiful, Das Kapital, overriding, base, county seat, dough, primary, blue-chip, ceiling, capital-intensive, first-class, dandy, hot, top-notch, pocket money, bond, sterling, cool, first, heavenly, upper case, fantabulous, wampum, profit, metropolis, stake, exceptional, means, ways and means, consonant, support, excellent, hood, jacket, slap-up, loot, stock in trade, outstanding, A-OK, gone, conurbation, key, dormitory town, nugget, receipts, wealth, riches, blue-ribbon, superlative, ingot, not bad, sovereign, grubstake, gangbusters, city, swag, top-shelf, stock, spending money, gantry, upper-case letter, revenue, divine, five-star, owned, principal, dynamite, place, nifty, lucre, immense, funding, stellar, draft, the big smoke, initial, main, enceinte, bang-up, top-of-the-line, debenture, coupon, classic, par excellence, decent, prizewinning, capital letter, cap, first-string, hype.

last, poor, second-rate, bad, atrocious, collateral, small letter, subordinate, substandard, lower-case letter, lousy, minor, least, lower case, execrable, second-class, trifling, unimportant, negligible, inconsequential, subsidiary, inconsiderable, unsatisfactory, middling, mediocre, wretched, awful, slight, secondary, insignificant, rotten, vile, pathetic, trivial, low-grade, inferior, lowercase, terrible.

Examples of usage:

1) " Well," he averred, " we might consider going into the thing and finding part of the capital. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) In the meanwhile I've been seeing what can be done to raise enough capital to take up all the land, but haven't met with any great success. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) " It's out of the question that I should raise the capital," he said. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.