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Spell check of terminate

Correct spelling: terminate

drop, brush off, stop over, rim, break up, expire, delimit, disregard, fulfill, ice, give the bounce, overthrow, supplant, fuel, send packing, remit, muster out, give the gate, restrain, notify, eject, sack up, accomplish, cease, exterminate, throw out, remove, do in, bar, squeeze out, eradicate, burn down, subvert, usher out, elicit, kindle, neutralize, dead-end, brush aside, eat up, whack, slay, pass on, discontinue, reject, knock off, repeal, release, advise, apprize, evict, set aside, ignore, checkmate, withdraw, boot, provoke, quit, rub out, border, break, bound, dispatch, mark, elapse, drive out, stop, barricade, enkindle, abort, kibosh, discharge, fetch up, force out, lapse, close, continue, hold, relinquish, demit, clear, decease, leave off, give the sack, demarcate, wrap up, abdicate, stamp out, halt, block off, liquidate, annihilate, pause, open fire, accept, eliminate, get, crowd out, abrogate, obliterate, conclude, renounce, apprise, go off, demark, cap, turn off, give notice, abandon, complete, interrupt, dissolve, move, achieve, net, revoke, rout out, let go, arrest, culminate, check, lay off, raise, wink, surrender, consummate, let up, pass, off, give up, send away, send word, refrain, plunder, hold back, finalize, discount, prohibit, graduate, bounce, can, block up, evoke, dismiss, limit, finish up, restrict, suppress, assassinate, suspend, keep, blockade, displace, bump off, arrive, croak, polish off, intercept, define, destroy, resign, reverse, circumscribe, sack, freeze, finish, wind up, edge, abate, break off, arouse, disclaim, extirpate, burn, fire, retire, preempt, pass away, annul, stay, leave, ax, end up, fill, gouge, depose, integrate, take out, squirt, give the axe, land up, start, turn back, put away, close out, tin, round, unify, abolish, snuff, cashier, desist, die, exit, vacate, cancel, go, rouse, push aside, block, contain, pink-slip, execute, determine, hold on, nullify, end, put up.

establish, promote, inaugurate, retain, draw out, continue, animate, engage, protract, hang on, open, set about, reinstate, set up, repair, lead off, contract, institute, begin, commence, persist, hire, renew, set out, resurrect, extend, resuscitate, rehire, raise, authorize, subcontract, restore, prolong, confirm, sign, employ, start out, support, enact, recruit, cherish, start, reemploy, take on, introduce, keep, get, revive, legalize, sustain.

Examples of usage:

1) It was only Hunter's guarantee that had made the venture possible, and there was no doubt in his mind that unless he could satisfy Nevis's claim his career as a farmer would terminate abruptly before the next month was over. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) This was understood to terminate the course for the evening, and we emerged into the air with shrieks of intellectual victory. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.