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Spell check of sway

Correct spelling: sway

rock music, empower, tempt, importance, empowerment, arguing, mark, convey, get around, stone, tilt, controversy, rein, domination, faculty, gestate, coordinate, death grip, prestige, manage, rock, shift, nod, convince, office, control, pulsate, allure, impart, prejudice, undulate, sovereignty, cogency, express, flutter, channel, rock candy, leaning, bias, cajole, bounce, acquit, rock'n'roll, command, coordination, pull, vacillate, rock 'n' roll, predominance, authorize, get in with, stockpile, totter, affect, privilege, pulse, primacy, restrain, disputation, stir, sell, tick, lean, contestation, expect, careen, coax, woo, prepotency, oscillation, birthright, vibration, direction, hold, clutch, loll, swing out, prowess, precedence, clout, direct, motivation, credit, might, transport, agitate, quiver, management, mold, post, drape, shake, stagger, steam, drop, oscillate, bob, fluctuate, juice, wag, shake up, wiggle, undulation, discipline, powerfulness, puissance, prerogative, commission, will, wobble, leverage, alternate, extend, shake off, toing and froing, influence, radiate, law, charge, swing, induce, trail, run, weight, repercussion, sag, disceptation, reign, wave, stock, purview, pressure, impact, transmit, convert, kingship, throb, urge, dribble, indoctrinate, arm, right, vibrate, government, argument, tremble, dominate, superiority, in, judder, license, master, charm, beat, contention, stature, enlist, motivate, stimulate, have a bun in the oven, reason with, target, predominate, escape from, teeter-totter, grip, draggle, strength, behave, contain, pack, rock-and-roll, deport, govern, joust, seduce, dangle, droop, sweep, mightiness, authority, swinging, implore, mandate, credential, rule, force, hang, punch, wavering, title, dominion, seesaw, persuade, rank, bear, entice, supremacy, grasp, swing over, carry, didder, conduct, inclination, lead, throw off, heft, potency, take, mastery, list, librate, seniority, power, enfranchisement, comport, jurisdiction, entitlement, sweeten up, roll, win over, excite, curb.

dissuade, weakness, impotency, obey, submit, yield, comply, impotence, deter, helplessness, powerlessness.

Examples of usage:

1) For an instant the balloon continued to sway from side to side. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Jean continued to sway back and forth with her apron over her head. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Prospero and his companion were moved to a little two- room apartment on the floor above, and I was left in undisputed sway over my study. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.