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Spell check of lure

Correct spelling: lure

allurement, prod, magnetism, gathering, garner, net, marrow, lodestar, sweeten, rendezvous, annex, turn-on, wages, inveiglement, catch, spur, add, grant, amends, crux, crotchet, take, gravitation, affinity, bonus, attraction, incur, incitement, mousetrap, inducement, captivate, plenum, bottleneck, heart, draw, fishing line, receive, impetus, core, honorarium, axle, encourage, snare, seduce, decoy, glitz, stimulation, pocket, forum, engross, gratuity, entice, purchase, sweetening, accumulate, traction, compensation, polestar, soul, essence, seduction, urge on, consideration, appeal, plum, retrieve, spirit, focus, charm, give, hook, acquire, dragnet, cajole, wrangle, prevail on, like, charisma, fetch, asymptote, influence, firetrap, dissuade, wage, creel, come on, pay, safety, good looks, prize, fake, crossing, buy, coax, capture, center, convince, fishing rod, invite, harvest, hub, camouflage, allure, drive, trick, claw, hook shot, magnet, allowance, funnel, land, enchant, witchery, provocation, attract, enchantment, temptation, barb, hazard, pull, epitome, trap, instigation, mirage, sweepstakes, cockpit, chasm, obtain, honor, remuneration, remunerate, rally, heap, energy, enticement, steerer, deathtrap, attractiveness, award, drifter, assume, siren song, gift, carrot, bait, intersection, glamor, sweetener, inveigle, vortex, kernel, hooking, procure, drift net, palm, motivation, reap, corner, motivate, impulse, meat, win, tribute, bounty, tip, claim, atonement, compensate, reward, incentive, payment, induce, blind, allotment, treat, stipend, secure, character, deception, drag, quicksand, amass, bag, magnetize, nucleus, collect, invitation, persuade, score, pitfall, tempt, stimulus, glamour, fascination, call, get.

chill, forewarning, deter, caution, drive away, alarm, dissuade, alert, repellent, warning, repel, notice, damp, warn.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he understood the lure of the trail. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I tell you there is a lure in the gold, and the mountains are powers of peace to a man. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Rushing northward with forced haste, unreal beauties took form as if to lure us to pause. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.