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Spell check of hear

Correct spelling: hear

perk, memorise, descry, elf, name, come across, acquire, Proserpina, assay, elate, sample, assure, chance upon, Rhea, Phoebus, experience, call for, adjudicate, judge, go through, list, fall upon, get wind of, test, notice, Zeus, overhear, cite, Aphrodite, come upon, give away, attempt, divulge, Thor, take, take care, deduce, observe, prove, get wind, Hephaestus, Diana, percolate, escort, figure, ascertain, nix, nymph, Venus, Mars, troll, understand, tune in, realise, turn around, reject, distinguish, expose, regard, seek, unwrap, banshee, Cronus, study, encounter, hark, hearken, strain, nab, appeal, hobgoblin, watch, get on, arraign, learn, Nike, control, Minerva, recognize, con, Artemis, try, gather up, take heed, Gaia, harken, gather, go steady, run into, discern, memorize, follow, mermaid, disclose, apprehend, fancy, Pluto, get word, Juno, Hyperion, identify, uplift, bring out, Poseidon, try out, pixie, Jupiter, work out, light upon, wise, hear of, consider, chance on, render, bring, catch on, Kronos, take in, date, visualise, ensure, entertain, call, Bacchus, catch out, appear, see the light, make out, bring before, Eros, Helios, essay, attain, collar, see, view, image, listen in, construe, thoughts, visualize, let out, Vulcan, meet, project, brownie, Hermes, check, dryad, hear from, break, nail, taste, pick out, go out, intoxicate, picture, wood nymph, discover, Apollo, examine, reveal, eavesdrop, Cupid, forbid, strike, interpret, cop, witness, spot, happen upon, heed, reckon, Saturn, envision, Ceres, find out, run across, Demeter, get a line, describe, determine, collect, try on, let on, Gaea, peck, know, see to it, pick up, sprite, comprehend, Persephone, stress, Jove, nixie, perk up, visit, key out, lift up, affirm, key, Dionysus, gain vigor, realize, instruct, allow, teach, gnome, catch, insure, receive, hear out, deity, listen, Ares, read, attend to, find, arrest, detect, look, think of, larn, attend, tell, Athena, mind, mishear, claim.

scorn, miss, veil, slight, cover, blanket, overlook, neglect, screen, shroud, cloak, mask, discount, occult, enshroud, disregard, unlearn, curtain, conceal, hide, ignore, forget, blot out.

Examples of usage:

1) Soon he could hear no more of Porler. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Can't you hear it? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) There is something to hear. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.