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Spell check of wear

Correct spelling: wear

dwindle, deport, yield, acquire, slump, go to pieces, take on, put up, slang, play out, enervate, expose, conk out, seem, cod, outwear, befool, separate, wear off, damage, sap, dupe, split up, erosion, take for granted, put out, coordinates, injure, kick downstairs, give way, suffer, expect, eroding, snap off, drain, spoil, birth, dig, sabotage, have a bun in the oven, interrupt, stretch out, slip into, take in, shrink, chafe, gear, array, erupt, rig, founder, cave in, dilapidation, wearable, stop, intermit, survive, split, corrode, diminution, strike, give birth, decline, rags, habit, live, rasp, break out, application, simulate, devastation, hold up, gnaw, prevail, go, stand firm, attack, black tie, diminish, run, stand, extend, tire, casuals, stomach, turn out, endure, have, fall apart, eating away, die, comport, part, wearables, take up, put one across, clothes, develop, sham, pall, jade, clothing, loss, tired, break in, exhaust, exsert, pause, grate, aggravate, scrub, wear away, erode, fret, demolition, threads, offend, vestments, feign, tire out, break down, tend, mount, frazzle, stick out, vesture, digest, dress, bore, last, violate, burst, wearing away, costumery, costume, moil, collapse, accessory, rigging, break, stretch forth, unwrap, turn in, garments, go bad, have on, eat, snap, demote, disturb, flag, breach, weather, smash, break up, accouter, grind, go against, article of clothing, wrap, hold out, bristle with, bust, break off, deliver, don, wear down, give, let out, get dressed, cover up, transgress, die hard, abide, hurt, relegate, reveal, baggies, duds, wear out, arrogate, decrease, bump, gain, go into, soften, stain, havoc, adoption, behave, check, mar, fool, corrosion, persist, seize, break away, rub, assume, possess, disclose, fall, disfigure, togs, withstand, habiliment, weeds, bite, take over, clothe, brook, rate, abrade, consumption, brave, presume, harm, let on, crater, bring out, exploitation, beachwear, raid, harass, tucker, move into, recrudesce, support, put on, grow in, bankrupt, better, weary, weaken, vestiary, get into, get around, wearing, conduct, raiment, labor, wrap up, outfit, ruin, decay, fall in, take, enter, scrape, drop, fracture, waste, dip, accept, use, fag out, adopt, destruction, dampen, discover, contain, fatigue, try on, brave out, infract, bear up, live with, wear and tear, come in, civvies, acquit, give away, usurp, travail, tolerate, go in, give out, attire, implementation, disappearance, combats, clobber, fail, put one over, apparel, black, irritate, drudge, toil, toggery, wearing apparel, operation, gestate, rupture, tear, put up with, usage, hold, wear upon, mark, discontinue, crumble, come apart, get out, labour, run down, damp, bear, divulge, get in, pull on, live on, apply, resist, break-dance, carry, wear thin, pay, impairment, tangle with, gull.

repair, fixing, mending, rebuilding, freshen, refreshen, renovation, patching, revamping, reconditioning, refresh, reconstruction.

Examples of usage:

1) May I wear my best suit and hat, Mother? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) What are you going to wear, Constance? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Did you wear your new coat this afternoon? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.