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Spell check of tear

Correct spelling: tear

barrel, race, fool, fritter away, institutionalise, bourgeon, germinate, highball, level, split up, fleece, file, cavity, scud, zip, cranny, hit, snatch up, shred, lacerate, get out, extract, saddle, hurry, blame, run, binge, laceration, pull up, slit, droplet, accuse, snag, misty, draw in, fissure, bound, sprout, soak, sail, hook, load, vote down, cry, snap, cleft, jog, commove, female chest, halve, bout, help, zoom, sprint, misty-eyed, hitch, excite, countercurrent, bill, burgeon forth, plunk, slash, perpetrate, sunder, wear, aperture, turn on, wing, rend, snarl, drop, round, deplume, rob, whiz, flash, dash, scramble, shoot-down, weepy, injure, rive, take out, wear out, hasten, scoot, divide, gallop, pick off, roue, shoot, canter, schism, dart, break, fly, fool away, bucket, flick, tearful, bear down, appoint, agitate, cleave, break down, sever, reave, rent, bisect, burn, economic rent, lose it, fork, turn, force, bifurcate, crosscurrent, root for, festinate, pull, point, weeping, bust, harm, send, incision, down, stock split, draw, part, pip, teardrop, move, attract, consign, strain, gazump, cut, profligate, plunge, tear up, frivol away, lope, assemble, cull, surcharge, surge, click, charge, crater, blast, pull apart, land, defeat, flop, put in, axe, vote out, hustle, fritter, outpace, take, whisk, charge up, rub, fall apart, lodge, commit, rip up, hang-up, scurry, split, speed, rakehell, pullulate, bruise, wrest, rupture, burden, rocket, tweak, rouse, bustle, haste, fleet, discharge, trot, pick, film, eyewash, rake, bolt, splurge, moisture, tide rip, draw out, hotfoot, deplumate, pull in, raid, buck, overcharge, scamper, mangle, spud, scour, fish out, pelt, overstretch, disable, roll, wound, rip, inject, pluck, branch, whirl, go against, blood, pull out, riptide, channel, pull off, fizzle, nip, photograph, institutionalize, dissipate, displume, burst, flit, blowhole, rush, plume, abyss.

mend, weld, unite, sew, join, secure, reunite, heal, stitch, solder.

Examples of usage:

1) A tear made its way out of Maude's eyes and threatened the rouge on her cheek. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I heard what you said to mother, and, anyway- I'd just like to be a man and 'Have a part to tear a cat in, ' the way men have. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) There was a tear in the back when I took it down. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.