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Spell check of vigorous

Correct spelling: vigorous

wide awake, supple, spirited, lusty, active, forceful, emphatic, fiery, dynamical, robust, ablaze, rugged, formidable, spry, solid, flush, exuberant, earnest, excited, hardy, officious, husky, virile, frisky, strapping, hearty, competent, able-bodied, masterful, iron, action, agitated, quick, busy, commanding, vivacious, mighty, sturdy, powerful, strenuous, diligent, vehement, forcible, spunky, effervescent, prolific, hardened, enterprising, eager, fervent, controlling, wholesome, enthusiastic, zealous, aggressive, peppy, gingery, mettlesome, mobile, animated, sinewy, bustling, snappy, impassioned, effective, nimble, fit, salubrious, kinetic, full-bodied, vital, muscular, agile, prompt, stout, zippy, zestful, alert, energetic, puissant, expeditious, chipper, driven, restless, full-blooded, red-blooded, ready, strong, hale, hard-bitten, assertive, stable, passionate, violent, sprightly, healthy, lively, hard, industrious, inured, driving, firm, cast-iron, fervid, afire, persuasive, potent, toughened, tough, burning, dynamic, hard-hitting, ardent, brisk, authoritative, brawny, resounding.

uncertain, hesitant, sluggish, nonassertive, heavy, spineless, delicate, sapped, yielding, mild, insecure, wan, sensitive, puny, spiritless, exhausted, weak-kneed, limp, impotent, infirm, incapacitated, unhealthy, soft, wishy-washy, nerveless, inert, debilitated, ill, diffident, listless, nonemphatic, faint, broken-down, fragile, lazy, prostrated, idle, slow, crippled, unwell, diseased, feeble, lethargic, decrepit, susceptible, ambiguous, quiet, torpid, transient, indolent, quiescent, weak, uncompelling, wimpy, weakened, dull, enervated, resistless, prostrate, enfeebled, worn, mortal, tired, wasted, powerless, unresistant, run-down, frail, guarded, vulnerable, understated, disabled, worn-out, unsound, effete, tender, temporary, emasculated, inactive, characterless, halting, equivocal, languid, invertebrate, lackadaisical, perishable, unemphatic.

Examples of usage:

1) His defense was too vigorous for her to follow it up. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) Here too was an end to all Stephen's morbid condition, sitting alone by himself, drinking, seeing no one- now that he'd got Burstead between the eyes life would be a vigorous, decent thing once more. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) Why then should he not have his adventures, he still so young and vigorous? - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.