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Spell check of energetic

Correct spelling: energetic

violent, vivacious, burning, quick, hearty, gingery, masterful, frisky, excited, zealous, wide awake, jazzy, firm, officious, passionate, authoritative, full-bodied, salubrious, untiring, spry, unwearying, racy, full-blooded, supple, powerful, afire, fiery, agitated, flush, fervent, driving, animated, stirring, perky, tireless, lively, airy, tough, busy, brawny, impassioned, pert, spirited, physical, snappy, dynamic, driven, nimble, wholesome, rattling, vital, kinetic, assiduous, aggressive, ablaze, potent, jaunty, hale, strenuous, sparky, sedulous, vigorous, hardworking, controlling, effervescent, moving, indefatigable, resounding, earnest, puissant, bouncing, assertive, enthusiastic, dynamical, up-and-coming, prompt, active, vehement, agile, enterprising, muscular, merry, chipper, robust, gumptious, fervid, husky, strong, diligent, red-blooded, brisk, sprightly, stable, springy, action, healthy, ardent, peppy, canty, unflagging, bustling, animate, prolific, spanking, spunky, sturdy, hardy, forceful, emphatic, industrious, commanding, alert, competent, mighty, zippy, ready, fit, mobile, mettlesome, eager, restless, exuberant, expeditious, formidable, pizzazzy, lusty, virile, stout, zestful, sinewy.

torpid, idle, sleepy, listless, hesitant, sluggish, debilitated, quiescent, worn-out, lethargic, invertebrate, unwell, quiet, nonenterprising, soft, feeble, wasted, lazy, impotent, infirm, inanimate, unemphatic, slow, weary, limp, inert, dazed, impassive, decrepit, leaden, logy, foggy, apathetic, groggy, languishing, nonemphatic, ill, sapped, broken-down, unhealthy, disabled, frail, languorous, dead, spineless, ambiguous, powerless, tedious, tired, indolent, phlegmatic, wan, unambitious, weakened, weak, dreamy, enervated, prostrate, nonassertive, equivocal, wimpy, lifeless, stuporous, vapid, nerveless, unenterprising, prostrated, guarded, halting, unsound, uncompelling, delicate, wishy-washy, unergetic, dull, stolid, spiritless, effete, inactive, boring, heavy, faint, languid, irksome, lackadaisical, mild, understated.

Examples of usage:

1) More than once I have been given to understand that my character was too determined and energetic for a girl. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) Mr. Spokesly, assisted by an energetic heave from Plouff, flew over the gate and came down easily on the flags below. - "Command", William McFee.

3) I want her to be energetic, full of purpose, resolved to do her best, and to take advantage of those opportunities which have come to you all, my dear, when I, your mother's sister, took up my abode at The Dales. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.