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Spell check of efficient

Correct spelling: efficient

inefficient, active, regular, effectual, prompt, arranged, expert, conscientious, functional, shrewd, symmetrical, skillful, familiar with, talented, fitting, agile, in force, valuable, effortless, practical, businesslike, operative, fruitful, suitable, convenient, apt, deft, timesaving, incompetent, balanced, able, assiduous, advantageous, proficient, cost-efficient, potent, uniform, adept, methodical, harmonious, consistent, ineffectual, versatile, industrious, streamlined, stable, high-octane, sedulous, systematic, hard-working, tight, steady, genius, effective, ordered, decisive, good, handy, expedient, qualified, masterful, energetic, economical, accomplished, worthwhile, in effect, easy, economic, underspent, efficacious, experienced, cost-effective, adapted, tireless, clever, competent, fluent, adequate, tough, conducive, expeditious, fitted, artful, smooth, profitable, dexterous, high-powered, productive, timely, simple, useful, adroit, uncomplicated, opportune, ambidextrous, helpful, cunning, skilled, equal to, diligent, normal, nimble, practiced, serviceable, sure-footed, saving, accommodating, crafty, thrifty, suited, capable, thrive, facile, commodious, desirable, fit, dynamic, committed.

idle, vain, unproductive, abortive, ineffective, unprofitable, unskillful, inexperienced, hollow, unavailing, incompetent, fruitless, uneconomical, counterproductive, inexpert, bootless, unsuccessful, empty, ineffectual, unseasoned, pointless, inefficient, useless, incapable, unskilled, inoperative, unqualified, worthless, unfruitful, wasteful, futile.

Examples of usage:

1) What are the conditions of efficient State administration? - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) If Davey had been less efficient a stop- gap it would have pleased him better. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) The fact is, I have not got any efficient teacher to come here just yet. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.