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Spell check of bouncing

Correct spelling: bouncing

energetic, bounce, boomeranging, sparky, resilient, saltation, animate, kinetic, fit, spunky, normal, pert, recoiling, leap, hale, game, able-bodied, ricocheting, bound, mettlesome, well, frisky, gritty, leaping, jolting, live, zippy, racy, bounciness, enlivened, lively, spry, airy, gamey, hearty, wholesome, backfiring, springy, active, alert, pizzazzy, jouncing, animated, vital, jaunty, bouncy, snappy, peppy, rebounding, healthy, gamy, moving, well-conditioned, jazzy, whole, spanking, merry, spring, robust, vigorous, strong, spirited, sound, fine, perky, brisk, rattling, vivacious, rebuffing, sprightly.

decrepit, tired, sleepy, leaden, lackadaisical, languid, boring, haggard, differently abled, listless, weakened, indolent, stolid, halt, feeble, diseased, afflicted, tedious, dead, inanimate, poorly, disabled, enfeebled, ill, unambitious, impassive, vapid, infirm, crippled, delicate, unfit, weakly, apathetic, dull, fragile, sickened, sickly, limp, ailing, bad, inert, undernourished, challenged, malnourished, frail, torpid, languishing, unsound, sluggish, troubled, emaciated, unhealthy, run-down, gaunt, sick, lazy, inactive, lifeless, lame, worn-out, weary, unwell, languorous, weak, incapacitated, debilitated, irksome, phlegmatic, spiritless, lethargic.

Examples of usage:

1) But a dog, bouncing over the balustrade, brought the child to land; dived again, no one could guess why; and after battling with a dangerous current, emerged with the child's doll; then trotted away as if nothing had occurred. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

2) I told him I would think of the matter, and return him an answer the following day; and, after bouncing myself first into the office- clerk and then into the fire- place, I eventually succeeded in making an unconcerned exit. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.

3) I can't just go bouncing beams on planets if I happen to be in the mood. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.