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Spell check of burning

Correct spelling: burning

impatient, igniting, powerful, prolific, aflare, toasting, hot, fervid, anxious, incandescent, mild, broiling, eager, achy, sizzling, balmy, ardent, scalding, virile, critical, potent, crying, important, impassioned, disquieted, charring, attentive, vigorous, fevered, zippy, aroused, enthusiastic, effervescent, deep, emergent, hearty, flaming, braising, passional, agitated, inflaming, vehement, rapt, feverish, spirited, parboiling, painful, charged, basic, ultrahot, zealous, scorching, animated, poaching, roasting, ablaze, frozen, red, cold, full-blooded, boiling, industrious, instant, importunate, of import, warm, searing, compelling, warming, excited, piping hot, emotional, dithyrambic, fueled, demonstrative, tan, blind, frying, parching, lighted, clamant, burning at the stake, singing, longing, casual, strenuous, inflamed, fiery, simmering, yearning, deep-seated, energized, conflagrant, sunburn, kindling, barbecuing, red-hot, blistering, baking, big, glowing, electrified, burn mark, breathless, crippling, intent, excite, religious, afire, fervent, bitter, ignited, dire, stinging, exhilarated, imperative, exigent, frisky, sharp, roaring, combustion, affective, biting, keen, acute, emphatic, sweltering, smoking, firing, depth, lit, on fire, agonizing, hectic, blazing, white-hot, imperious, exuberant, lusty, puissant, combusting, necessitous, impetuous, cooking, turbulent, strong, heated, suntan, kindled, acutely, intense, energetic, aflame, hot-blooded, electrocution, pressing, sour, agonising, warm-blooded, sultry, sprightly, lighting, torrid, feelings, chronic, passionate, stimulated, alight, mettlesome, heating, lively, bad, angry, zestful, earnest, temperate, urgent, burn, chapped, disturbed, desirous, superheated, peppy, stewing, grilling, perfervid, tropical, active.

dead, numb, quenched, impassive, apathetic, careless, noncritical, incidental, extinguished, cool, bone-chilling, phlegmatic, safe, chilly, coolish, freezing, heedless, nippy, negligent, unconcerned, glacial, doused, calm, objective, unimportant, negligible, stamped, trivial, frozen, dry, indifferent, unheated, snuffed, dispassionate, subzero, cooled, choked, unemotional, low-pressure, coldish, stable, wintry, snowy, shivering, iced, undemonstrative, emotionless, smothered, detached, arctic, snappy, regardless, stony, impersonal, chilled, refrigerated, unmoved, ice-cold, uninterested, stolid, minor, cold, algid, frosty, chill, bitter, purposeless, damped, frigid, benumbed, reserved, icy, suffocated, unmindful.

Examples of usage:

1) The answer was burning on her lips. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Did you mean Mis' Fleetwood, when you said that about the woman burning? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Her face was burning, but her voice was very tender and brave. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.