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Spell check of taste

Correct spelling: taste

see, jolt, feed, ingestion, meet, favor, conditions, devour, preference, stress, sourness, manners, toothsomeness, render, intelligence, try out, discretion, penchant, gulp, attempt, body, perceptivity, understanding, relish, propriety, breakfast, charm, use, savoring, relishing, shine, elegance, feast, sagacity, taste sensation, savour, experiment, gustation, fittingness, state of affairs, sustenance, judge, hear, perceptiveness, gustatory perception, partiality, savvy, bowlful, savor, discernment, enjoy, grub, cultivation, admiration, affection, feelings, degustation, dinner, board, feel, barbecue, cuisine, druthers, sample, discrimination, ginger, appear, undergo, go, passion, try on, suggest, adjudicate, texture, intuition, appetite, prove, event, know, smell, frame of mind, understand, suggestion, undercurrent, reek, piquancy, clarity, fondness, delectability, oomph, pepperiness, suffer, intellect, seek, morsel, refinement, temper, palate, emotion, see the light, seemliness, sense of taste, purism, hold, judgement, deliciousness, judgment, like, sensation, mood, reason, liking, appropriateness, audition, grasp, goodness, look, tidbit, lunch, grow, c., ingest, banquet, common sense, participate, tendency, leaning, context, meal, fare, kick, experience, eat, bite, feeling, wisdom, scent, background, peck, correctness, nugget, nutriment, sniff, decorum, environment, meat, become, bowl, crumb, nibble, try, get, can, form, gustatory sensation, love, susceptibility, strain, have, repast, position, essay, assay, zip, consume, deduce, suitability, acuteness, picnic, spiciness, encounter, catch, grace, flavor, comprehend, bask, delicacy, mouthful, aftertaste, bond, spread, bed, orientation, class, gustatory modality, eating, snack, be, foodstuff, batch, inclination, examine, test, bread, sup, insight, go through, work out, situation, circumstance, endure, crass, fancy, receive, smack, appreciation, drink, vision, climate, manage, come over, taste perception, brilliance, acumen, heart, food, touch, savoriness, saltiness, apprehension, take, drive, rude, love affair, olfactory, tasteless, sniff out, tasting, predilection, attachment, sagaciousness, cake, savouring, consumption, dine, thwack, bang, politeness, wallop.

dislike, loathing, hatred, indifference, disinclination, apathy, distaste, mislike, disfavor, unconcern, tastelessness, aversion, disgust.

Examples of usage:

1) The boys will have one more taste before they leave. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) We must just take what life gives us; and if by and by comes sorrow, why, we've had a little taste of joy. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) The work was naturally to her taste. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.