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Spell check of Scored

Correct spelling: Scored

added, impure, bagged, sifted, hacked, placed, splotched, hurt, maintained, programmed, gauged, budgeted, captured, evaluated, summarized, took, tallied, guessed, settled, triangulated, approximated, stored, designed, netted, determined, cornered, itemized, slitted, disfigured, amassed, considered, nicked, bought, gotten, calculated, rated, totaled, slit, imperfect, appraised, harvested, accumulated, regulated, procured, cast, rationalized, journalized, lithographed, blotched, defaced, counted, tabulated, quantified, orchestrated, controlled, serrated, documented, secured, registered, schematized, lured, screened, defected, surmised, assessed, accounted, wrangled, distorted, concluded, surveyed, ranked, blotted, enumerated, supported, scheduled, obtained, cut, stabilized, categorized, incised, scabbed, ordered, studied, inferred, spoiled, righted, arranged, assumed, reaped, flecked, supposed, chipped, retrieved, booked, arrayed, scaled, figured, scuffed, blistered, weighed, formed, charted, damaged, multiplied, spotted, normalized, got, typed, landed, fixed, received, kinked, systematized, devised, thought, logged, recounted, tested, deformed, palmed, notched, schemed, invoiced, incurred, collated, framed, summed, cataloged, audited, judged, benchmarked, tabled, taken, chronicled, plotted, harmonized, checked, digested, marshalled, split, stratified, fractured, deduced, structured, set, estimated, shaped, caught, discolored, adjusted, engraved, freckled, dotted, marked, established, scratched, collected, quantized, specked, tainted, classed, listed, pockmarked, unsnarled, sorted, integrated, heaped, separated, abraded, gashed, defective, balanced, divided, marred, subordinated, classified, detailed, prepared, cracked, won, indented, jogged, computed, grouped, planned, stained, mediated, claimed, annexed, unified, reckoned, chinked, garnered, indexed, scarred, fetched, noted, methodized, blemished, acquired, cleaved, pocketed, organized, pigeonholed, composed, calibrated, measured, recorded, filed, flawed, scraped, etched, graded, tarnished, presumed, valued, purchased, inventoried.

Examples of usage:

1) The bench on which they sat down was heavily scored with the initials of generations of Redyford lovers; for the little round building had ever been a temple of innocent courtship, and in the spring and summer evenings never lacked couples sitting in silent, inarticulate happiness. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) When Betty scored a point- it really happened fairly often- it cheered her very much. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) She had undoubtedly scored a palpable hit. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.