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Spell check of ready

Correct spelling: ready

unprepared, facile, persuadable, agile, dull, make up, take a shit, put in, simple, pretend, meticulous, give, effectuate, together, doctor, make, brisk, secure, prepare, scrupulous, royal, fructify, speedy, get, take a crap, put, fitting, fix, officious, limit, supple, get up, gain, snap, quick, intelligent, bustling, fasten, warmed-up, micturate, nominate, stool, set up, take a leak, animated, pliant, industrious, diligent, get to, rear, hit, desexualize, sharp-eyed, cooperative, sterilize, nimble, tack together, specify, punctual, strict, straightaway, lay out, equipped, put together, mark, pay back, yielding, congeal, perfect, sic, plan, mobile, swift, progress to, lively, sprightly, fleet, usable, handy, restless, spend a penny, go down, prepared, vacant, sterilise, work, equip, mend, fashion, fudge, falsify, educate, plant, ductile, throw, puddle, devise, fake, seduce, place, furnish, draft, vigilant, waiting, coiffe, mindful, glad, pose, susceptible, pliable, cautious, compliant, spontaneous, submissive, minded, typeset, pitch, amenable, hands-down, mobilize, coif, draw up, piddle, precise, spry, outfit, fixate, fussy, busy, organize, assenting, desex, eager, energetic, finical, pee-pee, downhill, open, relieve oneself, curry, stimulate, acquiescent, wide awake, induce, localize, formulate, slow, smooth, expeditious, receptive, particular, cheap, earnest, situate, constitute, conscientious, tame, localise, arrange, heedful, foster, delighted, develop, coiffure, establish, dress, prudent, lay, pass water, ready and waiting, prompt, wee, fast, active, cook, realise, realize, public, frame, regardful, attain, expectant, define, immediate, make believe, soft, primed, think ahead, ideal, build, determine, gear up, have, responsible, position, score, clear, attentive, compose, interested, fluent, available, sharp, vigorous, malleable, manipulate, flexible, instant, take in, fastidious, create, obliging, plastic, poised, ca-ca, produce, at the ready, painless, equal to, countersink, possible, seasonal, put up, tractable, provident, piece, reach, tack, marshal, go, bring in, bushel, disposed, biddable, agreeable, fit, install, able, effect, raise, order, going, guarded, repair, map out, groom, take, furbish up, careful, skillful, hold, watchful, inclined, adjust, well-chosen, fabricate, arrive at, orchestrate, erect, flying, effortless, observant, accessible, cause, name, dream up, fain, enthusiastic, earn, at hand, alacritous, lay down, adaptable, wee-wee, warm, machinate, light, exacting, proper, thorough, convenient, do, go under, pull in, game, spare, willing, found, wangle, unsex, apt, suitable, instal, rig, train, finalize, suited, misrepresent, set, in order, fluid, ensnare, draw, launch, organise, restore, entrap, construct, form, jell, ripe, pay off, assemble, alert, correct, desexualise, prime, posit, thoughtful, touch on, make water.

formidable, sluggish, murderous, arduous, burdensome, tough, painful, complicated, unavailable, dragging, exhausting, labored, creeping, unready, flat-footed, toilsome, laggard, crawling, dilatory, dillydallying, poky, off his guard, quiescent, leisurely, hard, lagging, lazy, napping, unresponsive, inactive, idle, dallying, averse, slow, abstruse, disinclined, difficult, heavy, severe, intricate, logy, off her guard, quiet, loath, recondite, grueling, demanding, off-guard, knotty, unintelligent, complex, toilful, inert, laborious, dormant, unwilling, unripe, stressful, troublesome, off one's guard, taxing, slothful, unamenable, herculean, dull, reticent, unqualified, tardy, stiff, rough, reluctant, unprepared, half-baked, off your guard, unhurried, exacting, onerous, oppressive, poking, involved, indolent, dawdling, strenuous, untrained, problematic.

Examples of usage:

1) I'm ready to go, you see. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Everything is made ready. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Hester, are you ready? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.