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Spell check of brilliant

Correct spelling: brilliant

bedazzling, shrewd, wise, first-class, eye-catching, hyperintelligent, scintillating, supersmart, sagacious, showy, emphatic, gifted, lustrous, urbane, florid, splashy, dazzling, shiny, commanding, beautiful, canny, fast, resourceful, glary, quick, jocular, conspicuous, expert, flamboyant, pointed, reverberant, arresting, clear, glowing, comprehending, incandescent, intense, stained, prominent, droll, beaming, artful, catchy, sparkling, intellectual, illuminating, phosphorescent, shining, astute, excellent, splendorous, joking, effulgent, adroit, philosophic, magnificent, cogent, gorgeous, erudite, glorious, lambent, worldly, splendid, colored, propitious, fortunate, knowledgeable, capable, chromatic, ingenious, glinting, encyclopedic, knowing, brainy, splendiferous, waggish, sharp, inventive, lucent, lurid, ultrasmart, profound, shaded, kenspeckle, striking, dry, blazing, ability, radiant, bodacious, resplendent, comical, tricky, spectral, garish, auspicious, pithy, neon, proud, gaudy, penetrating, hopeful, facetious, marked, shimmering, benign, light, irradiant, lucid, vivid, flaring, exceptional, good, foxy, colourful, quick-witted, master, crafty, impressive, luck, superior, deft, fiery, gleaming, remarkable, glittering, intelligent, promising, smart as a whip, candescent, inky, pictorial, sheeny, funny, bright, luminescent, bold, lifelike, noisy, smart, keen, subtle, rich, beamy, superb, burnished, sharp-witted, eminent, sarcastic, fulgent, hued, wily, luminous, fair, perspicacious, ringing, favorable, dramatic, dyed, cunning, clever, pronounced, refulgent, alert, glaring, flashing, radiating, scurrilous, tinted, witty, scholarly, distinguished, sly, painted, grabby, fantabulous, fluorescent, sophisticated, blinding, glistening, undimmed, colorful, genius, adept, authoritative, graphic, nimble.

plain, unthinking, darksome, softheaded, unassuming, faint, kooky, dippy, muted, birdbrained, inconspicuous, mad, thickheaded, gray, toned-down, unimportant, chuckleheaded, palish, cuckoo, hidden, daffy, opaque, lunatic, quiet, dusky, unflashy, dorky, daft, nonresonant, subdued, unremarkable, dimmed, pale, colorless, vacuous, brainless, obscure, slow, insane, inferior, feebleminded, lightless, somber, lowbrow, pitch-black, shadowy, restrained, fatuous, gormless, undistinguished, thick, tomfool, dense, sappy, doltish, simpleminded, unimpressive, mindless, obtuse, foolish, brain-dead, darkling, pinheaded, dunderheaded, gloomy, nonintellectual, senseless, half-witted, simple, crackpot, illiterate, subtle, lackluster, imbecile, boneheaded, balmy, slow-witted, dull, crazy, lamebrain, conservative, murky, fool, thick-witted, lunkheaded, uninformed, weak-minded, understated, dopey, screwball, dotty, dumb, dim, dim-witted, airheaded, tenebrous, dark, concealed, witless, pitch-dark, nutty, unnoticeable, soft, colourless, cloudy, shrouded, moronic, unaffected, harebrained, silly, untaught, sunless, featherheaded, half-baked, unintellectual, unemphatic, asinine, leaden, uneducated, cockeyed, unsmart, wacky, unreverberant, obscured, bubbleheaded, blackened, unpretentious, unintelligent, zany, darkened, ignorant, empty-headed, absurd, nonsensical, preposterous, modest, unwise, unobtrusive, loony, darkish, idiotic, insignificant, unlit, shady.

Examples of usage:

1) Starting so soon after sunrise, the actual daylight proved very brief, but a brilliant twilight gave a remarkable illumination from eight to four. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The ground to the front of the face is all in deep shadow, that at the back of the head is left white, a simple contrast which perhaps makes the general effect more brilliant. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

3) Beside Cards, so brilliant, so handsome, with such an " air," old Bobby really didn't come off very well. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.