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Spell check of pad

Correct spelling: pad

range, flesh out, thesaurus, blow up, schedule, dwelling, lie, annals, beautify, detonate, room, roll, belly, recording, lair, appendage, fly off the handle, waybill, make out, domicile, Apollo, vagabond, overvalue, pack, eke out, crowd, ledger, hearthstone, flip one's lid, stuff, budget, grace, novel, go ballistic, book, arch, detail, doss, daybook, insulate, mat, cash book, kip, feather duster, sum, round out, blowhole, kitchen paper, swig, lose one's temper, inventory, throw a fit, invoice, expand, log, amplify, calf, plug away, round, cleaner, mattress, overestimate, stamp pad, fill, file, fizzle, roster, history, notepad, cast, memorandum, pillow, docket, slog, bachelor apartment, inkpad, booster, peg away, magnify, sack, plump, house, aggrandise, fireside, cosmonaut, puff out, inflate, tablet, launching pad, explode, fat, list, fill in, complete, bedsit, account, documentation, annual, score, roam, logbook, blast off, journal, fatten, count, combust, index, datebook, step, tab, check, enlarge, stray, dramatize, audio book, cocoon, accommodation, amble, table, lexicon, baby book, bank-book, hyperbolize, condominium, digest, tally, notebook, habitation, burble, aggrandize, fatten out, broider, lodgings, catalog, deck, trudge, pit-a-pat, interline, body, embroider, set off, plump out, accommodations, treasury, exaggerate, digs, blow one's stack, bachelor pad, puff up, fancify, babble, ripple, misspeak, inking pad, parchment, yearbook, puff, roof, bill, lining, aerospace, wander, apartment, patter, peep, fabricate, carapace, prettify, cushioning, anatomical, face, choke, concoct, slug, arm, pack in, bolster, ornament, storybook, padding, footslog, big toe, register, home, buffer, block, plod, stroll, distort, make up, workbook, bumper, album, bolster up, ball, bony, jam, abode, armpit, itemization, wad, diggings, saturate, quarters, communications satellite, hay, cram, store, calendar, stride, hit the ceiling, filling, murmur, fatten up, census, pill, kapok, flock, saunter, hit the roof, stock, address book, over-appraise, registry, lard, launch pad, Hoover, embellish, rove, pitter-patter, hike, deceive, flip one's wig, broom, diary, Cape Canaveral, recount, line, dictionary, clubfoot, record, lozenge, pad of paper, blank-book, have a fit, inlay, astronaut, launchpad, decorate, domiciliation, paper, place, adorn, swan, pallet, duplex, appointment book, dishwasher, chronicle, backing, scrapbook, adopt, statement, stuffing, carpet sweeper, launch area, Brillo pad, ankle, total, residence, capsule, tabulate, fender, repertory, rack, dramatise, summary, lodging, bed, walk, invent, fill out, have kittens, antler, anatomy, blow a fuse, manifest, ramble, condo, drift, mislead, menu, blotter, enumeration, collection, bunk, mop, trek, hearth, scroll, manufacture.

Examples of usage:

1) Lenny opened his eyes, moved over to the desk, took out the pencils and sketch pad, and went to work. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) " Mr. Nelligan has lent me his own pad," said Massingbred, entering soon after, " and his son will accompany me, so that I am at your orders at once." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Carry a little pad of paper in your pocket. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.