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Spell check of thing

Correct spelling: thing

speciality, widget, turnout, valuables, something, existence, fish, subsistence, aim, intention, tackle, puzzle, chattels, aspiration, holdings, device, concept, accouterment, model, background, enigma, doodad, context, baby, attribute, forte, usual, labor, personage, sugar, concern, lifespan, contraption, presence, apparatus, means, commodity, configuration, unknown quantity, m├ętier, scout, fixation, bod, happening, move, individuality, belongings, clothes, matter, face, plan, stereotype, meaning, demonstration, personal property, cookie, detail, notion, materiel, article, course, soul, mode, perplexity, end, life, furor, human being, condition, issue, state of affairs, plunder, element, universe, bro, organism, secret, materiality, activity, development, personal effects, entity, duds, unit, idea, amour, point, patient, occurrence, party, character, mark, case, strong suit, things, data, egg, topic, urchin, liaison, possessions, appurtenance, action, occasion, refugee, commitment, venture, intimacy, archetype, life expectancy, good, individual, social occasion, quality, honey, paraphernalia, wretch, trait, feat, intimation, bud, obsession, climate, sort, strong point, thought, babe, material, owned, fruit, exploit, effect, outfit, gimmick, episode, position, purpose, impression, effects, stand alone, rig, hap, substance, indication, report, property, duck, doing, situation, instance, doohickey, fixed asset, pretension, person, pardner, goods, object, rage, man, ideal, enjoy oneself, guy, name, lares and penates, mortal, happen, sister, ambition, gear, event, style, asset, reality, dream, being, principle, obligation, existent, act, head, stuff, affair, wight, handiwork, objective, figure, design, vogue, affaire, mania, possession, news, whole, fad, form, bird, lifetime, bag, work, characteristic, long suit, datum, function, movement, everything, word, movables, production, belonging, belief, slob, template, equipment, trend, duty, information, philosophy, machine, uncertainty, incident, personalty, operation, jigger, faith, riddle, theory, creature, circumstance, opinion, gadget, specimen, example, sufferer, do, body, target, mate, findings, be, item, business, chattel, fetish, involvement, A to Z, fashion, subject, task, movable, intent, social function, fact, anything, prototype, produce, question, mystery, job, stiff, ability, specialty, shape, piece, deed, environment, yield, craze, conditions, integer, customer, bourne, output, gizmo, contrivance.

beastie, real estate, immovables, means, nonentity, way, animal, critter, beast, brute, method.

Examples of usage:

1) Of one thing he was sure. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I've a thing to tell you. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I have seen the thing. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.