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Spell check of regular

Correct spelling: regular

constant, stone, veritable, changeless, sheer, fixedness, billet, familiar, steadfast, submissive, unceasing, dead, detail, bodacious, day-after-day, equable, oscillating, proportioned, persistent, flat, ordered, habitual, systematic, canonical, secureness, ceaseless, firm, chronic, assonant, methodic, congruous, straight-out, buyer, utter, unending, simple, sporadic, straight, true, cyclical, epochal, fifty-fifty, invariable, balanced, late adopter, unqualified, nonstop, orthodox, generalship, like, scheduled, accordant, sequential, diesel, unmitigated, unexceptional, continuous, rule-governed, unadulterated, unfaltering, unchangeable, orderly, well-balanced, fuel, well-worn, commando, spaced, methodical, same, harmonious, crude, unchanging, everlasting, repair, unremarkable, weak, draft in, bulbous, consist, quotidian, concave, ability, garrison, grammatical, well-ordered, day-to-day, Midland, routine, acclimated, standard, fixity, recurrent, compound, uninterrupted, foot soldier, prevailing, bent, usual, perpetual, arranged, cannon fodder, lax, automatic, commonplace, outright, momentary, diarrhetic, gas, gapless, damned, consecutive, fix, bombardier, adhering, angular, inflected, periodic, unbendable, out-and-out, acquiescing, closed, proper, airman, neat, everyday, hourly, clean, consonant, endless, declarative, invariant, obedient, interminable, mending, wonted, indistinguishable, deadly, frequent, medium-sized, punctual, diarrhoeal, standing, characteristic, average, annual, mannerly, symmetrical, undifferentiated, plumb, unremitting, dreadful, custom, captaincy, fort, formal, traditional, call up, regularised, conforming, fair, stark, unwavering, blooming, widespread, crew, captain, total, clientele, flat-out, consistent, middle-sized, downright, organized, fixed, habitue, crashing, universal, lasting, base, natural, metronomic, early adopter, exact, blank, weekly, arrant, monotonous, diarrheic, medium, general, unconditional, ceremonious, featureless, timed, rank, fastness, unvarying, middling, accustomed, reparation, nondescript, ordinary, chunky, ceremonial, cyclic, complete, unconstipated, established, regularized, seasonal, perfect, definite, undeviating, yearly, seamless, expected, legitimate, asymmetrical, mend, bust, conditioned, typical, pure, end user, constantly, bench, order, proportional, timeworn, concentric, browser, representative, diarrheal, precise, midsize, regularly, systematized, draft, religiously, aping, symmetric, customer, grenadier, measured, mechanical, undying, cotton-picking, fixture, stiff, monthly, every day, unbroken, unalloyed, client, gasoline, frequentative, unfluctuating, serial, quarterly, lawful, common, beautiful, customary, successive, continuing, black gold, all-out, proportionate, barrel, efficient, official, categorical, very, archetypal, continual, thorough, monolithic, deictic, consumer, even, conventional, rational, repetitive, consummate, anticipated, uniform, alike, predominating, alternate, full-time, normal, undiversified, indefatigable, robot-like, systematical, unshakable, stable, aerodynamic, high-octane, diarrhoeic, complying, probable, airwoman, benzene, customer base, homogeneous, complex, conditional, classified, diarrhoetic, diurnal, regulated, GI, un-intermittent, dog tag, prescribed, irregular, perennial, daily, moderate, gasohol, tied, profound, Green Beret, feminine, incessant, level, mundane, first-string, mild, repeated, thoroughgoing, tight, stock, correct, connected, loose, commissioner, coherent, periodical, legal, rhythmic, fatigues, semiannual, steady, fixing, mid-range.

far-out, anomalous, nonstandard, unordered, unique, extraordinary, oddball, inconstant, unscheduled, inept, bizarre, indecorous, episodic, erratic, freewheeling, unnatural, dubious, unusual, freak, kooky, unofficial, untypical, strange, way-out, irregular, singular, randomized, planless, atypical, funny, aberrant, unseemly, hit-or-miss, patternless, immethodical, disordered, out-of-the-way, nonrepresentative, noteworthy, inappropriate, freakish, peculiar, wild, deviant, outrageous, exceptional, disorderly, nonconformist, unorthodox, unapt, unsuitable, improper, eccentric, rare, unauthorized, chaotic, unconventional, uncustomary, constipated, screwy, outré, unfit, unceremonious, idiosyncratic, unpredictable, informal, qualified, unbecoming, questionable, unlawful, haphazard, crooked, special, casual, shambolic, quirky, equivocal, asymmetric, unwonted, offbeat, distinctive, wacky, weird, randomised, unhappy, unfamiliar, fantastic, graceless, incorrect, unexpected, occasional, unknown, odd, infrequent, unsystematic, nonsystematic, curious, restricted, asymmetrical, uncommon, especial, outlandish, funky, abnormal, systemless, strong, disorganized, infelicitous, remarkable, part-time, doubtful, unsteady, uncertain.

Examples of usage:

1) He says I 'hold him up to the collar beautifully' and I really try to, and regular food and physical comfort will tell. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) The low, regular, even tones stopped, and father and daughter sat close to each other in silence, each feeling the other's sympathy through their clasped hands. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) You are a regular cat to keep your feet, and I guess you are all right. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.