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Spell check of accurate

Correct spelling: accurate

methodical, complete, actual, definitive, prim, dainty, immaculate, diligent, undefiled, precise, valid, genuine, fundamental, well-defined, unblemished, Epicurean, errorless, reliable, false, infallible, conclusive, dead on target, hi-fi, suitable, able, perspicacious, unquestionable, word-for-word, particular, erroneous, veridical, absolute, rigid, definite, good, scrupulous, literal, flawless, rigorous, solid, inaccurate, judicious, undeniable, on-target, accomplished, entire, clear-cut, systematic, detached, verbatim, proper, right on, real, faulty, fussy, sound, picky, reasonable, just, blameless, specific, transliterate, prosaic, ingenuous, experienced, true, unprejudiced, authentic, squeamish, veracious, final, expert, bang on, holy, honest, hypercritical, dependable, so, exact, fastidious, close, exacting, disinterested, overt, completed, finished, ideal, spot-on, certain, distinct, rational, skillful, right, faithful, demanding, refined, dead-on, qualmish, factual, unambiguous, correct, priggish, prudish, pinpoint, trustworthy, fine, stainless, finicky, faultless, conscientious, persnickety, mathematical, mincing, nice, gifted, spotless, perfect, capable, severe, consummate, matter-of-fact, OK, hairline, sharp, explicit, sinless, undisputed, scientific, critical, careful, high-fidelity, choosy, punctilious, straight, strict, discerning, objective, careless, unimpeachable, deft, meticulous, discriminating, unerring, delicate, authoritative.

erroneous, careless, indefinite, short, inauthentic, loose, doubtful, questionable, unsound, incomplete, rough, defective, away, marred, false, inexact, unreliable, poor, corrupt, off, faulty, outside, fallible, deficient, dubious, bad, coarse, imprecise, untrustworthy, scant, slovenly, ruined, untruthful, flawed, slack, inaccurate, invalid, wide of the mark, insufficient, inferior, imperfect, perverted, slipshod, corrupted, wrong, unclear, meager, approximate, unfaithful, incorrect, untrue, improper, defaced, wide, blemished, vague, worthless, round, deformed, spoiled.

Examples of usage:

1) Nor does any other method give you an accurate fix under like conditions. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) I knew I had been as accurate in my scientific work as anyone could be. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) " Well," she said, " if one must be accurate, I do not exactly know. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.