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Spell check of title

Correct spelling: title

title of respect, license, assets, name, commission, command, seniority, nomenclature, compellation, anthology, due, christen, human activity, volume, holding, birthright, territory, influence, priority, designate, emblem, enfranchisement, estate, surname, stake, place, autobiography, Lady, portion, empire, garland, identify, part, empowerment, puissance, entitlement, real estate, land, dibs, bestowal, romp, potency, chevron, access, shield, backup, dame, authority, double, faculty, designation, agnomen, role, epithet, stature, work, atlas, public interest, ribbon, control, office, rubric, claim, belongings, nickname, prestige, moniker, gloss, domination, grace, denominate, pretense, head, superiority, effects, might, resources, bible, coronet, Christian name, kingdom, triumph, specific, denotation, coat of arms, appellative, headline, backing, victory, interest, family name, order, upset, biography, prenomen, decoration, purview, permission, cup, primacy, style, degree, highness, record, force, opus, possession, thrashing, the Honorable, proprietorship, denomination, publication, chattel, ad-lib, term, stock, mightiness, Judge, handle, privilege, principal, appellation, bestseller, cogency, Jr., caption, cognomen, rank, heading, sovereignty, winning streak, prerogative, backstory, human action, identity, almanac, realm, power, mandate, first name, fixtures, clout, ownership, deed of conveyance, concession, contrivance, annual, championship, strength, act, ranch, action, prepotency, patronage, honor, gentle, call, mastery, medal, tag, manor, colors, denouement, powerfulness, precedence, entry, crest, steam, win, statute title, entitle, indication, possessions, comic relief, Hon., assumed name, reverence, credential, blook, trophy, label, right, kingship, inscription, alias, header, words, voice, charge, content, pretension, realty, dominion, punch, walkover, aside, domain, sign, dub, ground, baptize, sway, request, honorific, crown, ennoble, legacy, Esq., entrance, inheritance, aka, farm, property, deed, wealth, goods, position, owned, identification, Justice.

Examples of usage:

1) Somebody recorded it a long while ago, and did nothing on it, but, as it was bought land, his title stands. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) There's, unfortunately, no doubt about his title to the ranch, and it's a sure thing the folks in the city will put him up again. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) But beyond this the State has no title to go. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.