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Spell check of spare

Correct spelling: spare

fall by the wayside, beggarly, extra, minimal, unmistakable, thin, childlike, astringent, refined, mere, tailored, surplus, curt, discontinue, close, crisp, sharp, reserve, short, unsophisticated, gratuitous, modest, bantam, minor, imperial, puny, allow, marginal, pull through, free, closefisted, homely, simple, niggard, throw in, unbending, stiff-necked, abrupt, relieve, innocent, salve, scarce, resign, give up, barren, cease, drop by the wayside, dispense with, strict, pinching, costless, drop out, precise, harsh, relinquish, correct, stringent, blunt, plain, exacting, chilly, carry through, tautological, exempt, absolve, destitute, discharge, uncompromising, delicate, stinting, detached, obdurate, lay aside, weeny, deliver, salvage, uncomplicated, cutting, intolerant, frosty, fatless, mean, strait-laced, desolate, exiguous, skimpy, intense, pinchpenny, grim, tightfisted, artless, relentless, bring through, unornamented, chintzy, excuse, inflexible, toy, kick, ascetic, evident, demanding, well-kept, vacate, picayune, pointless, hold open, keep, dwarfish, excess, redeem, make unnecessary, economize, forgo, stop, write, hidebound, part with, puritanical, chuck up the sponge, au naturel, teeny-weeny, stark, devoid, brisk, lithe, quit, penurious, save, rigid, dry, sparing, raw, negligible, piddling, inadequate, stripped, release, conserve, foreswear, loose, ungenerous, austere, apparent, rigorous, icy, authoritarian, caustic, wee, bare, minute, trifling, sufficient, additional, tiny, fundamental, liberal, scanty, forfeit, wasted, pleonastic, slight, acrimonious, supererogatory, clean-cut, crystalline, scrawny, gruff, scant, unsheathed, penny-pinching, mingy, terse, tight, sparse, unembellished, uncharitable, lanky, senseless, throw overboard, stern, cool, Spartan, tart, severe, bald, direct, meagerly, lean, unmixed, throw in the towel, keen, pure, manifest, supernumerary, nugatory, surrender, unneeded, obstinate, preserve, prudish, slim, let off, economise, deficient, abandon, smallish, clear, itty-bitty, meticulous, unoccupied, unmingled, trim, redundant, piquant, teeny, basic, complimentary, lay off, shipshape, poor, chaste, disciplined, teensy, dour, hand-to-mouth, diminutive, patent, cede, miserly, gratis, fifth wheel, waive, baby, skimp, little, superfluous, elementary, petite, dispense, trig, miniature, unpatterned, candid, oppressive, sheer, unvarnished, compact, meagre, purposeless, acerbic, paltry, microscopic, spare part, pocket, unadulterated, censorious, renounce, cheap, forego, frugal, keep open, unnecessary, tautologic, brusque, save up, parsimonious, bleak, stingy, acute, special, critical, favor, svelte, small, niggardly, skinny, slender, unfinished, deadwood, bony, meager, light, otiose.

fat, bountiful, insufficient, flabby, scanty, beefy, freehanded, pudgy, round, luxuriant, wasting, tolerable, chubby, sufficient, hippy, roly-poly, unstinting, dumpy, husky, good-hearted, burly, bounteous, decorated, fecund, stubby, deficient, openhearted, full, soft, plenteous, shortish, scarce, poor, thriving, brawny, munificent, kindly, extravagant, squandering, liberal, thickset, abundant, unsparing, meager, plump, unselfish, buxom, profligate, proliferative, sparse, enough, frittering, thick, adequate, fleshed-out, humanitarian, weighty, fruitful, splurging, beneficent, paunchy, flourishing, philanthropic, unthrifty, tubby, fertile, excess, altruistic, handsome, thriftless, niggardly, rich, surplus, spendthrift, satisfactory, obese, swarming, gross, zaftig, lavish, heavyset, benevolent, portly, stocky, short, selfless, heavy, dissipating, squat, plentiful, magnanimous, bulky, wasteful, corpulent, hospitable, ample, free, copious, inadequate, occupied, chunky, extra, scant, greathearted, stout, fleshy, overweight, generous, prolific, blooming, potbellied, bursting, rotund, overgenerous, compassionate, charitable, prodigal, profuse, adorned, necessary, teeming, skimpy, openhanded.

Examples of usage:

1) It was only to spare your father. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Whatever comes, I would spare her all I can. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You are trying to spare me- don't do it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.