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Spell check of extra

Correct spelling: extra

junior, greatly, helper, ornament, superfluous, appendix, other, excess, surplus, extension, bulletin, exceedingly, wasted, acolyte, de trop, affixed, accompanied, menial, awful, too, accomplice, plain, addition, hitched, functionary, bound, fancy, consort, most, brother, brochure, free, aide, related, good guy, reserve, secondary, besides, married, inclusive, back issue, trim, appurtenance, broadsheet, back number, proxy, supernumerary, further, laborer, chargeable, attachment, unneeded, a lot, assistant, purposeless, servant, benefactor, duplicate, companion, additional, prefixed, plus, backer, embellished, unnecessary, attendant, increase, mighty, another, goods, spear carrier, adorning, exceptional, tautological, bad guy, augmented, highly, as well, attached, connected, ornamental, consumer goods, wares, more, beyond, big, aide-de-camp, backup, particular, adornment, supererogatory, follower, all-inclusive, adjoining, patsy, flunky, supplemental, employee, increased, bit part, subordinate, minion, also, very, accessory, well, stooge, supplementary, unscheduled, appendage, annexed, associate, along with, deeply, added, eminently, agent, come-on, aider, redundant, suffixed, special, partner, basic, spare, chorus, accompaniment, new, unembellished, all-in, notably, attorney, abettor, bundle, garnish, helpmate, ancillary, otiose, merchandise, scanty, exceptionally, really, unused, biweekly, alias, joined, chaperone, extremely, pleonastic, offering, cameo, merged, loss leader, in addition, hireling, especial, good, second, discounted, compact, spliced, adjunct, unornamented, extended, goodie, deputy, limited, subscripted, extraordinary, comic, indeed, thoroughly, fresh, half-price, comic book, over and above, dreadfully, in addition to, henchman, auxiliary, fixture, particularly, underling, acquisition, lieutenant, product, bare, addendum, back copy, peculiar, pointless, awfully, credit, immensely, baddy, senseless, duplication, tautologic.

skimpy, sparse, meager, inadequate, scanty, scheduled, deficient, shortish, niggardly, short, scant, scarce, poor, necessary, subtractive, insufficient.

Examples of usage:

1) The dogs, which had joined the chorus of gladness, were given an extra lump of pemmican. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) It will also save you an extra trip, if you have no other business on hand for the afternoon. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) We Hilltop boys should help each other, and so I don't deserve any extra credit for simply doing what is expected of me. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.