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Spell check of mother

Correct spelling: mother

arrive, make, get under one's skin, fount, vex, commence, breed, cosset, abbot, precedent, fatherhood, foremother, grow, kingpin, facilitate, maker, mystify, chief, precursor, yield, harbinger, spring, abet, mama, foreshadower, predecessor, headmistress, support, principal, ruler, sister, beginning, relieve, obtain, kinfolk, executive, father, foster, birth parent, render, officer, cousin, headmaster, superintendent, quartermaster, engenderer, titleholder, bewilder, scram, forebear, lineage, experience, public enemy number one, guru, rootstock, executor, set out, encourage, kin, flummox, come, motherhood, fountain, daddy, proprietor, author, pose, mahatma, progenitor, stimulate, receive, aunt, set about, antecedent, landlady, consanguinity, commander, niece, arrest, mammy, take, perplex, bring forth, manufacturer, game bird, sire, dean, Lord, fund, produce, dam, amaze, buzz off, sisterhood, stick, birth mother, beat, female parent, build, public nuisance, maternal, commandant, yob, let, dickey, overprotect, parent, prototype, provenience, capture, convey, maternity, suffer, assist, relative, fountainhead, beget, nephew, puzzle, clan, get down, brotherhood, creep, create, manager, fledgling, motivate, fabricate, landlord, pioneer, bird of prey, origin, senior, manufacture, ma, brother, trailblazer, get, cultivate, forefather, ascendant, vermin, squire, paternity, heredity, spoil, overindulgence, gravel, forerunner, architect, empty nester, attend, find, pamper, governor, baffle, go, fabricator, dad, pay off, niggle, precede, mummy, form, contract, birth father, mum, raptor, nestling, mandarin, family, uncle, construct, benefit, fuss over, fetch, procreator, bugger off, know-all, source, ancestor, become, bring, fuss, spawn, provenance, cherish, induce, mommy, start out, derivation, creator, administrator, executrix, leader, responsibility, president, originator, generate, well, fix, flesh, captain, tend, acquire, hen, maestro, root, engender, bird of passage, help, have, loudmouth, catch, execute, give, impresario, horror, serve, antecessor, drive, aid, fraternity, matriarch, aim, deadbeat dad, master, director, head, avant-garde, scout, dumbfound, pay back, start, draw, star, originate, founder, blood, kinship, relation, return, endow, nonplus, indulge, maw, custodial parent, cause, producer, minister, inventor, invent, authority, fret, sustain, composer, begin, stupefy, develop, incur, proprietress.

begetter, father, male parent.

Examples of usage:

1) Mother may know, but to her I say nothing. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Oh, mother, don't you think Richard could be found? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Mother knew it- all the time. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.