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Spell check of middle

Correct spelling: middle

optic, spirit, centre, equidistant, mediocre, halfway point, intervening, abdomen, center, axis, warmheartedness, sum, medial, back, essence, inside, midst, flank, pivotal, intermediate, ticker, commonplace, centralized, body, left, mean, shopping center, affection, nucleus, bisecting, nerve center, standard, nub, low point, mundane, gist, pith, half, affectionateness, innermost, nerve centre, nuclear, astride, girth, pivot, intermediary, geocentric, midpoint, shopping centre, cross section, mid, central, nerve, focus, epicenter, hub, snapper, axial, mezzo, inwardness, centrally, center of attention, unremarkable, interior, main, routine, moderate, mettle, heart, heart and soul, mark, belly, left-hand, everyday, diaphragm, chest, midway, pump, average, bosom, shopping mall, unexceptional, eye, plaza, nitty-gritty, center of gravity, middle-of-the-road, midmost, fondness, center field, warmness, mall, median, front, modest, substance, meat, marrow, installment, kernel, level, core, focal, centerfield, mediocrity, instalment, in-between, oculus, midsection, midsize, philia, inmost, edge, ordinary, middling, lowlights, nondescript, midriff, episode, halfway, belly button, tenderness, centrality, juncture, bisection, spunk, normal, gradation, mediate, half-and-half, medium.

earliest, circumference, after-hours, outset, latish, primaeval, beginning, unique, Old, idiosyncratic, end, Modern, outmost, ending, archeozoic, previous, special, farthest, advanced, strange, early, get-go, posthumous, New, bound, primal, archaeozoic, excessive, commencement, boundary, rare, outer, unusual, rim, late, archaean, beforehand, start, first, offset, ripe, uncommon, kickoff, azoic, peculiar, proterozoic, peripheral, individual, aboriginal, distinctive, earlier, exceptional, primordial, utmost, furthermost, wee, outermost, furthest, archean, proto, primeval, private, earlyish, perimeter, extreme, advance, farthermost, terminal, starting time, remotest, untimely.

Examples of usage:

1) Through it one can easily reach the middle. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Only a middle course was possible for us, with but a few miles' travel to our credit for each day. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Rapidly we pushed along to Tassuasak, which we reached in the middle of May. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.