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Spell check of mightily

Correct spelling: mightily

fantastically, flop, much, aright, badly, damned, too, corking, super, justly, achingly, energetically, intensively, stoutly, unco, strong, right on, enormously, most, awfully, monstrous, hefty, potently, powerful, ever, whacking, snappily, greatly, formidably, fierce, stiffly, fervidly, real, uncommonly, frightfully, in good order, purposefully, intensely, eminently, bone, heavily, robustly, masterfully, cracking, incredibly, mortally, properly, stinking, severely, majorly, doggedly, spanking, seriously, forcibly, hugely, intently, extra, spiritedly, competently, strongly, very, sedulously, sore, decent, huskily, wildly, fiercely, beastly, explosively, arduously, highly, blisteringly, immensely, surpassingly, powerfully, sorely, determinedly, almighty, such, the right way, firmly, jolly, actively, deadly, full, commandingly, vastly, really, roaringly, laboriously, thoroughly, extremely, awful, well, deeply, forcefully, vigorously, industriously, desperately, exceedingly, roundly, far, thumping, mighty, vivaciously, colossally, terribly, supremely, fabulously, dynamically, assiduously, muscularly, correctly, resolutely, indeed, filthy, especially, effervescently, so, hardly, amain, way, strenuously, toughly, a lot, lightly, particularly, right, rattling, roaring, dang, ardently, authoritatively, archly, slavishly, specially, that, heavy, wicked, sturdily, decently, diligently, zealously, vitally, stably, brawnily, passing.

slightly, lamely, shakily, spiritlessly, languidly, wearily, delicately, hardly, sluggishly, feebly, lazily, ineffectually, halfheartedly, frailly, just, nominally, bloodlessly, desultorily, nervelessly, gently, indolently, barely, lackadaisically, spinelessly, ineffectively, little, negligibly, minimally, listlessly, scantily, softly, faintly, uncertainly, weakly, meagerly, impotently, scarcely, tiredly, marginally, somewhat, casually.

Examples of usage:

1) If we keep him fairly straight for three months, he can be mightily useful. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) We expect to find this trade mightily interesting, as we shall see men and women of the wild mountain tribes. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

3) As a general thing we don't get stuck on kids; but when one flashes up in the style you have, we cotton to him mightily. - "Dick in the Desert", James Otis.