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Spell check of levels

Correct spelling: levels

calipers, designations, amplitudes, miter boxes, mows down, abolishes, radial arm saws, homogenizes, pliers, band saws, mallets, jigsaws, axes, squishes, decimates, smoothes, calibers, jointers, emery wheels, hierarchies, molds, compresses, desolates, species, micrometers, spanners, denominations, coverings, feathers, glazes, jackknives, classes, series, drills, bench drills, wrecking bars, disintegrates, transits, tools, hacksaws, planers, claw hammers, crowbars, peoples, demolishes, regulates, sets, genotypes, dials, wedges, bulldozes, types, smashes, monkey wrenches, lays waste, chain saws, annihilates, qualities, compasses, eradicates, cold chisels, blankets, strains, punches, planes, sledgehammers, lathes, intensities, knives, rods, phyla, stamps, evens, families, classifications, trowels, awls, mantles, buzz saws, tape measures, spoke shaves, degrees, hammers, tiers, graduations, razes, laminations, strata, races, stories, categories, vises, tin snips, scissors, knocks down, handsaws, shears, genera, keyhole saws, kingdoms, gouges, styles, devastates, ripsaws, rips to shreds, coats, bow saws, grades, grinds, steps, extirpates, edgers, grindstones, machetes, destroys, straightedges, sextants, kinds, drill presses, flattens, deflates, staplers, exterminates, glosses, hoes, sorts, gauges, ranks, lug wrenches, yardsticks, brands, forms, labels, measures, grapnels, extents, orders, rulers, rules, polishes, augers, welders, lines, burnishes, sands, saws, wrecks, chisels, pulverizes, stripes, scythes, castes, hatchets, layers, wrenches, scales, sickles, circular saws, potentials, arc welders, shovels, screwdrivers, laminates, clans, logs, slicks, squares, protractors, magnitudes, posthole augers, back saws, stratifies, picks, breeds, tears down, tire irons, table saws, atomizes, grains, coping saws, varieties, hedge trimmers, snips, ranges, pipe wrenches, stocks, vaporizes, crosscut saws, dismantles, notches, spades, files, persuasions, conforms, ball-peen hammers, scroll saws, T squares, taxonomies, pickaxes.

Examples of usage:

1) Under its influence, also, the finer particles of the soil are ever slowly making their way from higher to lower levels. - "Geology", James Geikie.

2) They had risen to higher mental levels, and I had descended to lower animal depths. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Five or ten minutes before local noon the observer levels his artificial horizon and with sextant in hand lies down on the snow. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.