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Spell check of launch

Correct spelling: launch

onset, jog, cant, depute, canoe, bring about, commencement, invent, run, genesis, the Admiral's Cup, demonstrate, fire, cabin cruiser, bowser, thrust, induce, goad, put up, fix, chuck, energize, ground, heave, cosmonaut, base, catapult, catalyze, urge, make, shoot, strike, lay out, canal boat, outset, propel, hasten, found, dash, dawn, Cape Canaveral, retail, plunk, forward, pitch, shunt, project, throw, punch, trigger, set up, unveiling, nascence, peddle, blast off, dip, engulf, move, establish, auction, install, compel, the America's Cup, starting point, log off, jolt, bunt, get off, open, boot, create, rig, set to, ship, originate, gear up, kick off, anchor, bowl, begin, initiate, berth, swap meet, knock, arrange, douse, get-go, beach, prod, shove, plant, inception, hurtle, dunk, inaugurate, stimulate, instal, bulk carrier, boat, absorb, discharge, impel, launching, set off, boating, show, bail out, embark, effect, immerse, garage sale, power up, motivate, conception, dart, barge, shew, astronaut, engross, push, set about, pelt, delegate, lance, sale, hawk, first appearance, tack together, takeoff, aerospace, put, start, coracle, enter, soak up, boater, encourage, assemble, day one, dump, mount, force, ready, order, abort, entry, sling, precipitate, power down, commence, set out, flick, rollout, constitute, give, carry, raise, threshold, booster, undertake, set in motion, rear, dive, appearance, magnetize, kickoff, clearance, communications satellite, ahoy, put together, birth, nascency, take up, approach, entrap, cast, exit, morning, beginning, despatch, restart, ferment, blastoff, prove, bump, tack, toss, instigate, fling, fire sale, entice, stock, ensnare, capsule, nudge, form, poke, Apollo, institute, alpha, steep, lob, introduce, send, frame, put in, carrier, set, prepare, foment, start off, hurl, baseline, incipiency, lead off, lay down, emit, jostle, debut, inspire, souse, ram, sign on, closeout, clearance sale, plunge, prompt, dog-and-pony show, arrival, introduction, dismiss, piece, log on, transmit, effectuate, erect, cockleshell, shy, drive, provoke, take on, sell, incipience, build.

completion, give, get, get rid of, cessation, finale, keep, finish, receive, crash, conclusion, bring, hand, windup, abolish, closing, convey, hold, close, termination, omega, retain, closure, stop, end, splashdown, landing, ending, carry.

Examples of usage:

1) I'll go over to Cuyo when the launch goes up for you on your return trip, and will leave a letter for you there. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) We got both at the same time as we stepped into the launch and shouted good- bye. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) He climbed on board, waved good- bye to the lieutenant in the launch, and ordered the anchor up. - "Command", William McFee.