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Spell check of chance

Correct spelling: chance

kick downstairs, incidental, speculative, find out, purposelessness, relegate, occur, circumstances, uncertain, misadventure, potluck, discover, unintended, pretend, pass off, probability, pass, purposeless, attempt, materialize, come across, lot, bump into, fortuity, casual, dislodge, meet, materialise, bechance, fortuitous, odds, fortuitousness, possibility, run into, speculate, fate, fluky, portion, knock, witness, plausibility, guess, play, happen, break, run a risk, adventitious, panorama, fluke, obtain, encounter, likelihood, unintentional, likely, aimless, view, contingency, expectation, find, notice, unwitting, unpremeditated, aimlessness, shot, determine, get hold, liability, coincidence, bet, outlook, random, candidate, take place, disaster, medical prognosis, detect, risk, inadvertent, prognosis, lucky, calamity, take on, risky, gamble, see, scene, misfortune, find oneself, casualty, opening, peril, vista, proneness, bump, jeopardy, hap, regain, demote, line up, endangerment, retrieve, venture, stake, certain, go on, randomness, lay on the line, meet up with, happenstance, befall, unplanned, opportunity, destiny, take chances, hazardous, incur, come up, fatal, fortune, jeopardize, adventure, tumble on, wager, observe, ascertain, safety, hit-or-miss, haphazard, try, put on the line, recover, feel, receive, surprise, incident, get, hazard, mishap, aptness, happenchance, occasion, prospect, accidental, luck, happening, take a chance, fortunate, aspect, accident, come about, run across, causeless, rule, haphazardness, fall out.

fixed, expected, predictable, foreordination, deliberate, calculation, preordained, predestined, purpose, intended, voluntary, volunteer, prepense, decree, law, sure, willful, premeditative, fate, foreordained, necessity, predetermined, provision, intention, ordinance, appointment, unforced, certain, foreseen, ordainment, foreseeable, knowing, preparation, premeditated, set, planned, intentional, prescribed, calculated, destined, freewill, certainty, plan, conscious, inevitable.

Examples of usage:

1) Stand still, boy; give him a chance to have his will. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) You wouldn't give me a chance to make myself heard. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) That's your only chance now. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.