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Spell check of wrap

Correct spelling: wrap

roll up, raincoat, poncho, slicker, fedora, brassiere, clothe, intertwine, pajamas, clear up, v-neck, enswathe, Jersey, pluck, engird, trousers, entwine, girt, empanada, cloak, bathrobe, put in, outfit, cocktail dress, wander, sweat shirt, shoes, stick in, fez, rove, caftan, finish up, mantle, curve, wind up, enlace, lift, smoking jacket, sheath, duds, Afghan, gown, smock, band, costume, put on, vagabond, wave, sports coat, embosom, girth, infold, blazer, dress, distort, sweat suit, bundle up, dirndl, mop up, wreathe, headdress, bonnet, enshroud, corset, shirt, case, swaddle, peignoir, envelop, show, canape, girdle, housecoat, windbreaker, encase, introduce, evening gown, do up, doublet, panties, evening dress, sarong, nightgown, seethe, circumfuse, clothing, get through, carton, bottled, belt, parka, thread, meander, mackintosh, boot, lap, wear, scent, dinner jacket, weave, veil, recover, habit, cape, robe, smother, bruschetta, inclose, garment, wrapping, package, top, sari, blanket, cheongsam, involve, hoist, array, muffle, cocoon, overlay, pants, pinafore, crown, turn over, club sandwich, stockings, frock, accouter, fur piece, jacket, raiment, ulster, slacks, ramble, wrapper, insert, pea coat, sweater, hold in, petticoat, cast, ensemble, roam, blouse, wheel, drift, bury, crinoline, suit, interlace, nose, scarf, enwrap, vestment, cover, engirdle, BLT, boxed, matchbook, polish off, homburg, jumper, negligee, swathe, twine, topcoat, invest, neglige, wind, blister pack, enchilada, burrito, embrace, range, enclose, pyjamas, shorts, pull-over, chapeau, overcoat, trench coat, roll out, ballgown, skirt, apparel, enwind, wrap up, tunic, flap, coat, Stetson, kimono, enfold, undulate, beefburger, garb, formal, shroud, blue jeans, twist, trimming, beret, attire, stray, encompass, swan, vesture, burger, fur, bubble wrap, kilt, hustle, hat, bowler, camisole, t-shirt, matchbox, turtle-neck, revolve, footgear, halter, dressing gown, close in, mask, lace, burnoose, begird, roll, finish off, clothes, double-decker, confine, bower, insulate, greatcoat, pillbox, shut in, bosom, tuxedo, embower, shawl, chemise.

strip, unroll, undo, expose, unlash, bare, ungird, denude, unwind, wind off, untie, unshackle, unbind, unwrap.

Examples of usage:

1) I will wrap these furs around you, and you shall see the fall in the evening light. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) She had endeavoured to retire from it, to wrap it up. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) For the first year, the child has absolutely no other wrap or cover but its little hood. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.