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Spell check of vitiate

Correct spelling: vitiate

disfigure, muck up, blow, recant, deteriorate, clean, animalize, cloud, bestialize, thwart, degrade, distort, revoke, cross, weaken, bollix, inflame, mutilate, cramp, compound, depress, hamper, handicap, mishandle, plunder, warp, rescind, get down, evacuate, ruin, fluff, poison, lead astray, crab, desecrate, pervert, bloody, void, foul up, bollocks up, deny, demoralize, complicate, abrogate, botch, misdirect, deject, sap, seduce, annul, violate, convolute, adulterate, tarnish, overthrow, subvert, prostrate, better, bring down, contaminate, sophisticate, flub, hurt, profane, misaddress, blemish, baby, scotch, twist, ball up, soil, go bad, dilute, stun, sully, stain, foil, bobble, debase, deform, harm, stupefy, demoralise, annihilate, hamstring, bodge, demean, screw up, anesthetize, cheapen, invalidate, bilk, enfeeble, aggravate, flaw, cocker, baffle, disserve, despoil, featherbed, abase, abolish, cosset, counteract, grease one's palms, blight, deprave, damage, bribe, debauch, paralyze, bumble, lessen, louse up, bungle, fumble, impair, disarm, stretch, cancel, deaden, nullify, corrupt, exacerbate, mess up, darken, pollute, canker, dismay, infect, deflower, mar, avoid, tamper, buy, mollycoddle, countermine, mislead, frustrate, coddle, injure, quash, load, compromise, cast down, spoil, extinguish, empty, continue, incapacitate, deface, prejudice, pamper, dispirit, abuse, bastardize, escalate, sabotage, befoul, overturn, taint, indulge, outrage, endamage, alloy, hobble, dull, cripple, defile, misuse, touch, botch up, set aside, misguide, lame, detract from, break, negate, worsen, neutralize, disable, undermine, hinder, help, twist around, itch, benumb, bollix up, brutalize.

enshrine, clean, help, dignify, edit, fix, restore, validate, rectify, amend, hallow, better, exalt, refine, reconstruct, mend, ennoble, honor, enrich, clarify, doctor, purify, meliorate, cleanse, rehabilitate, glorify, repair, perfect, disinfect, remodel, rebuild, ameliorate, revamp, remedy, revise, patch, respect, improve, enhance, sanctify, uplift, recondition, cure, magnify, heal, renovate, elevate, wash.

Examples of usage:

1) We can seldom, indeed, be sure that the one point of agreement is the only one; but this ignorance does not, as in the Method of Difference, vitiate the conclusion; the certainty of the result, as far as it goes, is not affected. - "A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)", John Stuart Mill.

2) But where there are so many influences at work, it requires some time for the influence of any new cause upon national phenomena to become apparent; and as the causes operating in so extensive a sphere are not only infinitely numerous, but in a state of perpetual alteration, it is always certain that before the effect of the new cause becomes conspicuous enough to be a subject of induction, so many of the other influencing circumstances will have changed as to vitiate the experiment. - "A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)", John Stuart Mill.

3) Then-" " You might as well try to dip up the ocean with a spoon," said Waldron, " as try to vitiate the atmosphere of the whole world, by any means whatsoever! - "The Air Trust", George Allan England.