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Spell check of simple

Correct spelling: simple

nonliterate, nitwit, simplistic, inane, acicular, sword-shaped, bonehead, foundational, unworldly, untutored, bald, austere, lowly, blameless, mindless, pure, unadorned, ding-dong, light, definite, perfoliate, soft, dewy-eyed, empty-headed, elliptic, flat-out, oafish, orbicular, single, naive, immaculate, unaffected, hastate, childly, half-witted, real, faultless, uneducated, folksy, decent, coherent, unsuspecting, lunkheaded, dreadful, unmitigated, dim-witted, integrated, innocent, dense, downhill, shallow, oblanceolate, unbiased, imbecile, deltoid, lanceolate, unvarnished, arrant, lamebrain, all-out, same, unanalyzable, clear, essential, cotton-picking, aboveboard, bare, ensiform, mere, unembellished, downright, plumb, handy, wedge-shaped, stainless, deadly, unlobed, unmixed, birdbrained, virtuous, cohesive, dumb, crashing, ninny, straight-out, softheaded, spearhead-shaped, oversimplified, sagittate, blunt, regular, utter, spatulate, absolute, senseless, cordate, slow-witted, modest, acerose, solid, deft, sagittiform, unprejudiced, dull, nascent, transparent, flat, round-eyed, unalloyed, smooth, orbiculate, needlelike, dewy, childlike, hands-down, fatuous, sincere, snap, fundamental, prime, irreducible, unschooled, complete, impartial, acerate, outright, basic, unadulterated, apiculate, dip, caudate, dorky, illiterate, truthful, aw-shucks, integral, intelligible, nerd, kidney-shaped, consummate, acuminate, casual, bubbleheaded, unsullied, benighted, candid, primitive, undecomposable, rank, untainted, boneheaded, terse, prosaic, painless, profound, weak-minded, reniform, pinheaded, very, adroit, nincompoop, oblong, dolabriform, backward, congruous, sinless, unintelligent, ultimate, untaught, unreserved, atomic, uncomplicated, unproblematic, Midland, needle-shaped, swordlike, turkey, wide-eyed, homely, unpretentious, spotless, simplified, wide, out-and-out, ingenuous, uncluttered, unsubdivided, fair, airheaded, congruent, schmo, elongate, efficient, plain-vanilla, unread, peltate, simplex, unornamented, puzzling, naïf, fluent, unlearned, witless, primary, direct, chuckleheaded, outspoken, primal, bladelike, blooming, elemental, dead, elementary, easy, green, ignorant, mean, unconditional, opaque, guiltless, undivided, stark, blank, dopey, aboriginal, plain, linear, simpleton, uncritical, manageable, simple-minded, unblemished, dunderheaded, angelic, unstudied, saucer-eyed, thick, uniform, entire, refined, facile, analphabetic, unsophisticated, fiddle-shaped, informal, ovate, royal, schmuck, moron, brain-dead, untarnished, plain-spoken, unsmart, basal, pandurate, stone, homogeneous, true, goof, panduriform, artless, dark, crystalline, honorable, indivisible, ready, monolithic, feeble-minded, coincident, purebred, unpretending, brainless, humble, thoroughgoing, spatula-shaped, cheap, cretin, softhead, unassuming, thick-witted, unified, shield-shaped, unsuspicious, unblended, uninstructed, unwary, uninformed, undefiled, open, foolish, fluid, formative, damned, tomfool, dolabrate, simon-pure, unlettered, heart-shaped, obscure, bodacious, lancelike, sheer, thickheaded, slow, simpleminded, fool, doltish, lyrate, spare, natural, straightforward, dry, gander, dexterous, honest, united, obovate, effortless, rude, unostentatious, ordinary, white, gormless, mooncalf, chaste, intact, obtuse, frank, categorical, cuneate, goose, guileless, arrow-shaped, unknowing, vacuous, perfect, mild, thorough, ability, genuine, total, undecorated, undiluted, clean, dim, unqualified.

sophisticated, perspicacious, cleft, intricate, murderous, intriguing, bedecked, subtle, pinnatifid, complex, dissimulating, devious, bipinnate, ultrasmart, radiate, sagacious, toilsome, loud, labored, colonial, knotty, two-faced, intelligent, exaggerated, calculating, astute, sycophantic, experienced, dishonest, artful, valid, fake, pinnated, down-to-earth, brilliant, sober, crafty, brainy, gaudy, sensible, bipinnatifid, fast, knowing, knowledgeable, exacting, rational, quick, taxing, crooked, sound, civilized, labyrinthian, multifactorial, trilobate, ingenious, guileful, swank, sage, deceptive, extravagant, doubtful, familiar, hardheaded, savvy, hyperintelligent, fancy, skeptical, underhanded, overdecorated, exhausting, cultured, abstruse, overdone, stiff, educated, smooth, guarded, parted, flamboyant, interlocking, baroque, dissected, insincere, trifoliolate, intellectual, formidable, hard, strenuous, foxy, multiplex, supersmart, lobate, deceitful, slick, ostentatious, logical, flattering, paripinnate, toilful, three-lobed, acute, palm-shaped, acquainted, false, bilobate, perceptive, wary, cultivated, pinnate, knavish, trilobed, discerning, pinnatisect, recondite, odd-pinnate, difficult, assuming, feigned, polymath, garnished, bipartite, informed, cerebral, embroidered, insightful, trifoliate, ternate, tangled, Gordian, adroit, judicious, designing, expert, keen, tawdry, painful, conjugate, mazy, trimmed, daedal, interwoven, interlinking, learned, severe, unctuous, highbrow, analyzable, binate, skilled, ornate, shrewd, pragmatic, herculean, sharp, wise, sapient, involved, tortuous, well-informed, forced, arch, unconvinced, arduous, incredulous, convoluted, labyrinthine, reasonable, dubious, arrayed, slippery, cautious, stressful, mealymouthed, lettered, mistrustful, pedate, equivocal, burdensome, suspecting, qualified, maneuvering, onerous, schooled, dissembling, lurid, thickening, florid, artificial, lobed, cunning, troublesome, rococo, street-smart, elaborate, questionable, trifoliated, thinking, affected, rough, erudite, streetwise, wily, oppressive, sane, appareled, bedizened, splashy, complicated, bright, decomposable, hypocritical, phony, manipulative, pretentious, bilobed, sharp-witted, cynical, scheming, clever, quick-witted, laborious, double-dealing, trilobated, tripinnatifid, realistic, quinquefoliate, sly, tripinnate, interlacing, decked-out, demanding, garish, palmate, resourceful, embellished, abruptly-pinnate, critical, well-read, diplomatic, worldly, percipient, polished, literate, leery, apt, grueling, overwrought, dressed, glittery, tricky, cosmopolitan, watchful, prudent, incised, problematic, precocious, trained, scholarly, refined, Byzantine, compound, uncertain, showy, canny, suspicious, doubting, palmatifid, decorated, tough, glitzy, ornamented, worldly-wise, smart, shifty, careful, adorned, imparipinnate, strained, nimble, bilobated, even-pinnate, tripinnated, flashy, aware, restricted, composite, decompound.

Examples of usage:

1) The simple act helped them. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) No. Idris and Gebhr understand only a few simple words and the others not even that. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) I 'd rather have just a few words- to the evidence, as one might say,- or a simple answer to a plain question, Can this thing be done? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.