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Spell check of dopey

Correct spelling: dopey

opaque, mixed-up, gooselike, empty-headed, lackadaisical, crackpot, stupefied, bemused, goosey, slaphappy, dopy, confounded, idiotic, absurd, weak-minded, fatigued, vacuous, sluggish, dippy, senseless, birdbrained, punchy, unearthly, benumbed, leisurely, confused, simple, raddled, addlepated, lumpish, lunatic, knowledge, exhausted, doltish, simple-minded, nonsensical, listless, zonked-out, pinheaded, lame-brained, drowsy, jerking, zonked, thick-witted, arrhythmic, thickheaded, lazy, unsmart, apathetic, stunned, obtuse, dozy, torpid, loopy, leaden, inane, boneheaded, dim, thick, spaced-out, imbecilic, ignorant, moronic, softheaded, choppy, fogged, all in, nitwit, sleepy, unintelligent, tired, befogged, half-witted, chuckleheaded, shell-shocked, bushed, hebetudinous, lunkheaded, asinine, slow, bedeviled, goofy, fool, weary, dumb, dotty, slow-witted, dunderheaded, befuddled, silly, witless, knuckle-headed, run-down, dimwitted, oafish, jerky, chuckle-headed, brain-dead, punch-drunk, dazed, crazy, stuporous, foolish, insane, gormless, languid, pixilated, wacky, dull, airheaded, dense, insensible, bubbleheaded, cockeyed, unhurried, muddleheaded, bonehead, lifeless, drooping, muzzy, meat-headed, zany, ability, spacey, addle, tomfool, anserine, slothful, harebrained, blockheaded, brainless, dorky, bone-headed, preposterous, mindless, fatuous, action, soft, goosy, mad, sappy, blithering, languorous, indolent, lamebrain, balmy, phlegmatic, addled, loony, bewildered, dim-witted, lethargic, cretinous, drugged, distracted.

savvy, logical, brilliant, prudent, sagacious, highbrow, skilled, sound, hyperintelligent, unconfused, intelligent, quick, clearheaded, wily, apt, clever, ingenious, discerning, trained, intellectual, smart, sapient, cunning, supersmart, sharp-witted, resourceful, perceptive, sharp, insightful, informed, learned, sensible, bright, reasonable, thinking, acute, schooled, brainy, knowing, educated, erudite, keen, sane, judicious, percipient, shrewd, wise, ultrasmart, astute, fast, scholarly, cerebral, alert, quick-witted, conscious, well-read, crafty, rational, sage, knowledgeable, valid, nimble, foxy, literate, perspicacious.

Examples of usage:

1) Halet cried out with dopey amiability. - "Novice", James H. Schmitz.

2) I thought maybe it was one of them fresh guys that hang round here; all of 'em look so dopey and all. - "Every Soul Hath Its Song", Fannie Hurst.

3) You was just dopey! - "Frank Merriwell's Reward", Burt L. Standish.