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Spell check of original

Correct spelling: original

early, canvas, brilliant, infantile, inventive, newborn, replica, preliminary, archetype, cowcatcher, fender, true, ability, real, inceptive, commencing, authoritative, master key, bright, overlord, preparatory, collage, imitation, inspiring, seminal, Promethean, unaccustomed, copy, creative, pilot, unfamiliar, fetal, unused, revolutionary, master copy, incipient, unconventional, certain, intelligent, nascent, sole, abstract, formative, single, beginning, maiden, received, recent, sure, doodle, tracing, passe-partout, germinal, freehand, mixture, precursor, earliest, copied, forerunner, product, resourceful, introductory, primal, pioneering, innovative, actual, avant-garde, authorized, newfangled, basic, all along, pilot program, daub, foremost, innovational, reliable, new, superior, able, originative, passkey, aboriginal, imaginative, veritable, Jekyll and Hyde, conceptive, budding, innovatory, emerging, ingenious, headmost, prototypical, late, constructive, primary, ready, character, inaugural, daring, current, freehanded, legitimate, premier, indubitable, genuine, rudimental, trustworthy, transcript, latest, maestro, master, variety, different, unknown, underlying, headmaster, foundational, initial, clever, elementary, skipper, archetypal, authentic, starting, radical, bas-relief, captain, underivative, quick, basal, start, imitative, dawned, dawning, smart, baby, fresh, hatching, professional, unheard-of, forgery, photocopy, academic, reproduction, up-to-the-minute, sprouting, lone, schoolmaster, species, leadoff, surface, fictive, good, caricature, imitated, productive, unexampled, embryonic, prime, aquatint, pilot film, undoubted, victor, pilot burner, novel, one, primitive, unquestionable, pioneer, front-end, rudimentary, cartoon, underived, sea captain, strange, primordial, individual, experimental, unusual, prolific, independent, infant, at first, elemental, alpha, sensitive, type, unprecedented, precursory, fundamental, diptych, prototype, primeval, duplicate, opening, Genesis, airplane pilot, wise, accredited, pure, lord, visionary, first, pilot light, accepted, fertile, new-fashioned, principal, buffer, unique, discerning, bona fide, pattern, firsthand, clear-sighted, dog.

ensuing, corny, latest, warmed-over, fictitious, moth-eaten, infertile, familiar, last, conventional, tried, ready-made, dusty, tried-and-true, bromidic, timeworn, derivative, baseless, disputed, old-hat, commonplace, threadbare, exploded, cold, trite, succeeding, slavish, shopworn, false, hackneyed, platitudinous, old, cliched, time-honored, stale, unoriginal, secondary, banal, stock, platitudinal, ultimate, consequent, latter, unimaginative, terminal, traditional, apocryphal, tired, uninspired, derived, uninventive, well-worn, established, terminating, imitative, advanced, counterfeit, uncreative, unauthorized, final, fabulous, unproductive, subsequent, spurious, penultimate, late, following.

Examples of usage:

1) But the only original Hawley is sure all right! - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) From original field papers. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) " Well," he said, " we'll get back to our original offer. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.