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Spell check of first

Correct spelling: first

world-class, prototypal, for the first time, number one, unsurpassed, big, firstborn, infant, high, new, starting time, initiatory, progenitor, overbearing, incipient, formative, premiere, primary, newborn, kickoff, to begin with, 2.2, preeminent, leading, start, offset printing, incomparable, first gear, initiative, 2.1, eldest, par excellence, starting signal, baby, archetypal, essentially, preparatory, supreme, dawned, sovereign, cardinal, central, commanding, front, rootage, predominant, original, embryonic, hatching, Genesis, since, early, branch, primordial, shock, jump, commencement exercise, supereminent, prototypic, advance, inaugural, overmastering, baccalaureate, main, novel, startle, low, Associate of Arts, firstly, graduation, antecedent, first-class honours degree, head start, before, defrost, auto, primal, lead, arch, jump leads, first-year, preliminary, key, innovative, creative, get-go, unique, revelation, forward, major, originator, top, starting line, initially, germinal, all along, counterbalance, first off, advanced degree, affront, A.A., set-back, associate degree, commencing, depression, 1st, inceptive, offshoot, importantly, premier, beginning, outgrowth, root, the AAA, last, overriding, ingenious, emerging, chief, lube job, author, associate, outset, engineer, first-rate, first class, nascent, source, mainly, introductory, grand, authentic, earlier, ideal, prior, aboriginal, frontmost, ordinal, scandal, graduation exercise, bachelor's degree, scratch, barely, primeval, inventor, origin, front-end, number 1, infantile, foremost, ultimate, blow, setoff, oldest, surprise, zinger, headmost, send-off, in essence, stolon, prototypical, archetypical, initial, best, leadoff, great, commencement, at first, numero uno, starting, start-off, automobile, rudimentary, commencement ceremony, visionary, anterior, highest, B.A., runner, dominant, head, creator, pioneer, jumper cables, sprouting, capital, master, alpha, paramount, car wash, offset, prime, low gear, opening, important, budding, maiden, creative commons, principal, genuine, first of all, precursory, first base, freshman, presiding, previous, basic, body shop, basically, earliest, fetal, greatest.

final, secondary, inferior, ending, worst, senior, advanced, least, ancillary, late, ensuing, following, subordinate, junior, inconsequential, deputy, coadjutor, middle, terminating, subsequent, slight, end, less, second, subsidiary, fourth-year, last, minor, assistant, consequent, sunset, latest, insignificant, trivial, latter, penultimate, inconsiderable, closing, intermediate, negligible, ultimate, lesser, lower, unimportant, cardinal, trifling, terminal, succeeding, lowly, under, collateral, assisting.

Examples of usage:

1) When did you see him first? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) First there's a thing I must do. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I'm glad you like it; I was afraid you might not, just at first. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.