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Spell check of offensive

Correct spelling: offensive

tawdry, offence, unwholesome, lousy, illegal, dreadful, infamous, objectionable, backhanded, calamitous, militant, base, insalubrious, heinous, cutting, pushy, offensive activity, depraved, bitter, anguishing, frightful, brutish, drive, brazen, jihad, crusade, atrocious, unhygenic, philistine, detestable, offside, garish, sinful, wrongful, tussle, determined, forward, murky, oppressive, queasy, loathsome, sinister, abrasive, grisly, nauseated, battle, unsanitary, cheap, gory, chintzy, sleazy, scornful, uneasy, domineering, agonizing, outlandish, long-range, ghastly, odious, hit-and-run, cruel, unsavory, arduous, repellant, uncongenial, coarse-grained, scandalous, terrible, antipersonnel, tasteless, miserable, withering, salty, glaring, detrimental, contemptible, infectious, crude, muddy, malignant, indecent, antipathetic, actionable, shameful, nauseous, grubby, attacking, yucky, criminal, conflict, predatory, repellent, sickish, onslaught, annoying, discourteous, earthy, impertinent, aggressive, repulsive, grimy, bootleg, defiled, unpolished, sick, live, foul-smelling, sordid, abominable, onset, unlicensed, dingy, assailment, censurable, worthless, disgraceful, tactless, air raid, nervous, beastly, cockney, unbearable, warfare, antiaircraft, pernicious, idiomatic, ghoulish, contest, morbid, disgusting, assertive, insufferable, raw, in bad taste, sepulchral, on the offensive, smart, dusty, invasive, common, ugly, intolerable, hurtful, grueling, nuclear, stinking, barrage, unpleasant, verboten, untidy, agreeable, snide, shabby, vulgar, torturing, appalling, grungy, illicit, unrefined, evil, anxious, nonnuclear, rank, barnyard, undignified, rotten, smelly, unclean, belligerent, damnable, shameless, conventional, incursive, unconstitutional, obnoxious, besetting, inflaming, hideous, slovenly, nauseating, ignominious, charnel, ill-bred, rough, unpalatable, crushing, unbecoming, exceptionable, bellicose, felonious, insulting, forbidding, outrageous, bombing, distasteful, ill-scented, profane, umbrage, illegitimate, crime, bloodshed, onside, shocking, chafing, despicable, hateful, slimy, uninviting, bloody, stinging, tip-and-run, low, the Blitz, horrific, unseemly, assaulting, guerre, mangy, impudent, unquiet, toxic, painful, clumsy, impious, corrupt, abusive, filthy, inharmonious, unauthorized, opprobrious, unspeakable, war, scatological, unsympathetic, fight, violative, indelicate, baneful, piercing, ribald, adverse, horrible, nefarious, boorish, engagement, verminous, icky, foetid, homespun, unworthy, sloppy, disagreeing, like, sore, freestyle, severe, odoriferous, lawless, bombardment, defensive, anti-tank, scurrilous, broad, mucky, unsavoury, aggravating, wrenching, taboo, attack, harrowing, rummy, gross, anti-personnel, offending, degraded, animal, strike, smutty, destructive, good, invading, monstrous, truculent, septic, air strike, distressing, campaign, ignoble, wretched, nasty, troublesome, throbbing, marauding, dirty, abhorrent, woeful, hostility, unlawful, punishable, creepy, displeasing, impolite, struggle, unutterable, front, blitzkrieg, smarting, scrimy, explosive, irksome, insolent, coarse, combat, festering, repelling, incompatible, colloquial, gaudy, crass, forbidden, disagreeable, trying, inelegant, loathly, gnawing, awful, scramble, bothersome, vile, reprehensible, hostile, uncomfortable, crummy, warlike, scuffle, onrush, rancid, putrid, unjust, discourtesy, accursed, scruffy, bad, blast, foul, aggression, law-breaking, impure, grievous, attempt, noisome, rude, wicked, heavy, graceless, biting, offense, irritating, blitz, cramping, macabre, barbaric, dysphemistic, tormenting, burdensome, pleasant, aching, horrendous, acute, disgustful, funky, obscene, warpath, pain, distressful, revolting, skanky, mean, stabbing, raiding, squalid, excruciating, combative, ill-mannered, horrid, assault, fulsome, execrable, fetid, sickening, noxious, assaultive, unattractive, repugnant.

decorous, exemplary, heavenly, abetted, blameless, desirable, delectable, correct, encouraged, agreeable, grateful, blessed, healthy, savoury, en garde, congenial, good, unexceptionable, seemly, unoffending, palatable, appealing, felicitous, sanctioned, easy, delicious, antiaircraft, proper, perfect, savory, restorative, pleasant, creditable, pleasing, decent, offenceless, inoffensive, promoted, dreamy, attractive, pretty, nice, delightsome, salubrious, euphemistic, gratifying, endorsed, becoming, supported, relishable, salutary, defensive, politically correct, antisubmarine, defending, offenseless, spotless, satisfying, luscious, enjoyable, commendable, welcome, delightful, unobjectionable, respectable, alluring, sweet, darling, pleasurable, approved, acceptable, healthful, antitank, wholesome, immaculate, dulcet, likable, pure, innocuous, inviting.

Examples of usage:

1) Dorris was a bold fellow, the girl thought, but there was nothing offensive in his frankness. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) I don't mean to be offensive. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) He is the most offensive of men. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.