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Spell check of mystify

Correct spelling: mystify

develop, obtain, make, bond, impersonate, astound, pound, adhere, suffer, muddle, find, shake up, deceive, besot, buffalo, vanquish, stick to, beat up, get at, clear, incur, start out, dumbfound, grow, work over, wedge, stand by, sting, outsmart, draw, astonish, sit, stay put, fetch, get under one's skin, stimulate, have, ticktack, arrive, exhaust, come, pay back, quiver, annoy, scotch, arrest, produce, befuddle, cause, confuse, discombobulate, become, outfox, pulsate, personate, crush, spoil, set about, agitate, amaze, bunk, feelings, drum, get to, model, regulate, sustain, overreach, beat, cleave, present, chafe, set out, stick around, tucker, stupefy, muddy, let, disorient, stun, worry, position, perplex, cling, nettle, set, stick by, fox, nonplus, begin, stick, bilk, go, throw, acquire, lodge, capture, take, cohere, addle, disturb, stay, cross, lie, gravel, baffle, get down, complicate, thrum, scram, rag, obscure, sire, contract, fix, convey, ticktock, vex, foil, befog, shell, commence, bring forth, posture, puzzle, trounce, bind, irritate, frustrate, father, put, experience, lay, beat out, deepen, tucker out, dizzy, bring, mother, thump, receive, wash up, buzz off, pose, trick, aim, place, pay off, scramble, commove, hoodwink, thwart, stir up, hold fast, flummox, bemuse, bamboozle, beget, jumble, mix up, tick, bugger off, fuddle, start, induce, bewilder, rile, generate, bother, get, confound, maze, raise up, engender, flap, nark, circumvent, catch, drive, defy, outwit.

demystify, enlighten, reassure, satisfy, assure, inform.

Examples of usage:

1) You mystify me, my man! - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

2) The setting down near Pomeroy's gate, the reception at his house, the rough, hasty suit paid to her- were these all parts of a drama cunningly arranged to mystify her? - "The Castle Inn", Stanley John Weyman.

3) Amarilly hesitated, longing to mystify him further, but it came over her in a rush how very kind he had been to her. - "Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley", Belle K. Maniates.