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Spell check of blur

Correct spelling: blur

muddle, reproach, ruffle, defame, tousle, tomentum, mess, match, deformity, put off, dislimn, churn, ferment, toss, disarrange, gloom, displace, eclipse, upset, mislay, stigma, veil, ripple, tarnish, discompose, flaw, hash, tumble, slander, disconcert, flashback, defy, confound, confuse, asperse, throw, dishonor, dip, meddle, accord with, lump, derange, dishevel, shade, obliterate, dislocate, coincide, dent, muss, disturb, mystify, fog, copper, perturb, botch, muddy, rumple, blear, becloud, glass, whip, disorder, bedim, befuddle, approximate, long-term memory, photographic memory, parallel, complicate, hide, fault, imperfection, haze over, bull, cloud, fuddle, defacement, obstruct, cop, whisk, discombobulate, glaze, scramble, amount to, scatter, stain, jumble, overcloud, darken, film over, shadow, clear, baffle, short-term memory, speck, trouble, shroud, blemish, disgrace, befog, smudge, flurry, pig, memory, dull, blacken, injury, flood, blot out, capsize, glass over, dim, blindfold, roil, blob, disorganize, fox, overshadow, overcast, recollection, swirl, blot, tamper, sully, correspond, convolution, bundle, mist, deepen, denigrate, agitate, obnubilate, obfuscate, nostalgia, taint, misplace, smutch, defect, smear, haze, brand, spot, obscure, irregularity, clutter, blind, hair, mix-up, soil, smirch, recall, mass, dirty, slur, rummage, bedevil, besmirch, disfigurement, daub, fuzz, convulse, glaze over, calumniate, roughen.

decode, disentangle, light, brighten, straighten, illuminate, decipher, untangle, streamline, break down, simplify, expose, unveil, focalize, sharpen, focalise, focus, unravel, clear, reveal, unscramble, illumine, uncover, analyze, undo, lighten, clarify.

Examples of usage:

1) Obstacles may block my path And Darkness blur my way. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) He saw the blur of the sloop moving fast towards him. - "Command", William McFee.

3) She had watched the mob go out across the plains, watched until men, cattle, horses and dogs, a moving blur in the mists, disappeared altogether, and the faint lowing of the beasts came to her no longer. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.