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Spell check of litter

Correct spelling: litter

rummage, offal, mob, exist, crazy quilt, junk, staff, farrago, league, mishmash, detail, olio, complement, body, jumble, colony, crowd, tribe, exercise, party, salmagundi, dreck, bunch, macédoine, club, occupy, faction, cadre, refuse, motley, gang, school, bed clothing, collection, rash, chaise, assortment, cattle prod, clan, brigade, fleet, tumble, scramble, phalanx, concentrate, union, call off, sect, bevy, cat litter, pile, nest, salad, coterie, collage, wing, bonfire, stand, truck, pack, mélange, chaise longue, set, ring, kennel, wall, agglomerate, fan out, aggregation, menagerie, answer to, diffuse, crate, flight, trash, stew, dump, wad, pyramid, company, force, society, platoon, back, landfill, hash, Kitty litter, disperse, heel, disposal, posse, agglomeration, offscouring, flock, grab bag, clique, lot, scrap, ragbag, olla podrida, patchwork quilt, fraternity, covey, smorgasbord, riffraff, ragout, mixed bag, spread out, jambalaya, crook, string, scattering, corral, cow town, team, host, garbage disposal, pervade, mountain, armchair, hatch, regiment, alphabet soup, backrest, armrest, bedding, mound, clutter, chesterfield, drift, curbside collection, chaise lounge, kin, distribute, junta, get, binman, dustman, coalition, sprawl, garbage dump, handler, shuffle, spilth, detachment, chair, sit, lie, bank, permeate, dairy, muddle, montage, spill over, gallimaufry, hotchpotch, assembly, troop, miscellanea, cell, gaggle, outfit, community, domesticate, offspring, rubbish, caucus, crew, patchwork, jungle, belong, division, garbage, herd, hive, circle, brace, troupe, welter, omnium-gatherum, bedclothes, dust, run, brood, dip, bedding material, hodgepodge, waste, squad, ruin, effluvium, battalion, medley, army, botch, brand, heap, deadwood, band, arm, young, stack, potpourri, assemblage, raffle, pastiche, retinue, swarm, group, dross, remains, cabal, chaff, gumbo, drove, dumping ground, variety, e-waste, garbage collector, debris, fellowship.

gem, prize, jewel, find, plum, booty, pearl, catch, treasure trove, valuable, treasure, salvage, goody, trove.

Examples of usage:

1) That could not be done either, the landlord answered;- they had no litter on which the child could be carried comfortably, and then they could not all leave the house; however he would speak to his wife about it. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) At the end of the room, close by the window, which only allowed about four hours of daylight to enter it, stood a table crowded with papers, presenting that appearance which ladies generally call " a litter." - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) Perhaps Leonard missed these untidy objects, for he was wont to look up from his work and round the room with a sigh, and not seldom would rise and stalk into the bed- room beyond his own; the bed- room which Jack kept in a similar litter, but which now was neat and tidy- and unoccupied. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.