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Spell check of irritate

Correct spelling: irritate

nonplus, gravel, ride, swell, distress, anguish, progress to, chew up, grind, lambast, chew out, rag, commove, disgust, sore, anger, jaw, rebuke, shake up, make, trounce, call on the carpet, bawl out, inconvenience, affront, gripe, shock, spite, beat, provoke, puzzle, scratch, peeve, scrape, inflame, disturb, allergen, needle, scrub, rally, scold, tantalize, nettle, stir up, upset, flummox, razz, aggravate, chide, discompose, fray, fret, crucify, resist, lecture, taunt, stupefy, eat, bait, nark, put out, twit, offend, hurt, tantalise, hassle, throb, chafe, disappoint, irk, wound, hack, disoblige, feelings, suffer, agonize, vex, allergic, insult, stitch, reproof, cramp, bedevil, reach, pain, rack, bother, tease, berate, worry, baffle, mystify, enrage, access, intolerant, wear, intolerance, afflict, scandalize, itch, sting, acerbate, badger, gall, have words, frustrate, lambaste, wrench, remonstrate, torment, torture, trouble, rasp, amaze, exasperate, abrade, roil, jar, pique, discomfort, burn, madden, aggrieve, hypoallergenic, call down, rankle, agitate, exacerbate, ache, anaphylaxis, get at, perturb, bug, ruffle, get to, help, pester, trouble oneself, excoriate, bewilder, anaphylactic shock, displease, erupt, hypersensitive, dumbfound, arouse, discommode, antagonize, harry, reprimand, annoy, inconvenience oneself, rile, raise up, incommode, dress down, get, throe, repel, grate, allergy, antigen, smart, urticate, crick, cod, frost, dun, harass, infuriate, envenom, redden, nag, perplex, persecute, rub, stick, pose.

propitiate, placate, delight, assure, solace, satisfy, content, soothe, honor, gladden, pacify, oblige, quiet, reassure, conciliate, please, appease, cheer, mollify, console, comfort, gratify.

Examples of usage:

1) Nor could humble words have taken a more humble accent; and yet they availed little to conciliate her to whom they were addressed; nay, this very humility seemed to irritate and provoke her to a greater show of temper, as with an insolent laugh she said,- This mockery of respect never imposed on we, young lady. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) It does irritate, the way Ludwig puts it, of course; the mere sound of his language makes one want to fight. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) Instead, she decided to see if it were possible to irritate him. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.