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Spell check of chafe

Correct spelling: chafe

hack, burn, twit, buff, bait, flummox, bewilder, get, reprobate, torture, bawl out, vexation, gravel, crick, discomfort, aggravate, make, chew out, dumbfound, frustrate, disturb, wear, nettle, dun, feelings, reach, irritation, torment, persecute, stitch, eat away, ache, peeve, expunge, come up, bedevil, excoriate, remonstrate, inconvenience, razz, rebuke, snap, raise up, gag, needle, have words, grave, beat, harry, hold against, erode, cancel, eat, rise to, frost, strike, agitate, trouble oneself, progress to, smart, urticate, niggle, call down, stir up, crucify, annoyance, antagonize, fray, discommode, scrape up, agonize, tantalize, berate, rankle, condemn, perturb, scrape, amaze, rally, shake up, pound, bother, grate, irritate, lambaste, massage, scratch, fuss, lecture, perplex, resist, grind, aggravator, concern, spite, throb, baffle, cod, calm, rasp, commove, disoblige, irk, scratch up, objurgate, decry, frazzle, incommode, reprimand, annoy, rub, chide, scrub, hurt, exacerbate, rack, knead, cramp, reproof, roil, pique, envenom, rile, get at, eat into, taunt, annoying, nag, sore, chew up, headache, ride, access, excise, stupefy, tease, abrade, inconvenience oneself, infliction, nonplus, vex, call on the carpet, badger, provoke, throe, engrave, anguish, jaw, wrench, upset, put out, pain in the neck, pester, trounce, run, worry, mind, choke, sting, harass, pother, call off, gall, infuriate, trouble, hassle, tantalise, get to, bug, arouse, take on, see red, dress down, corrade, botheration, ruffle, itch, stifle, distress, rag, lose it, pain in the ass, afflict, nark, lambast, help, exasperate, fret, inscribe, puzzle, mystify, suffer, pain, discompose, scold, enrage, gripe, inflame, pose, stick.

console, comfort, cheer, delight, conciliate, propitiate, assure, mollify, content, satisfy, quiet, placate, pacify, solace, appease, reassure, soothe, please, oblige, gratify, gladden.

Examples of usage:

1) There, it is of no use to chafe. - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.

2) It is beyond all bearing that one great measure after another should be delayed, or mutilated, year after year, by such a body, and I chafe and fret inwardly to a painful degree. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

3) When this becomes our rule of action, then begins the real reform of all those things at which we fret and chafe. - "Makers of Modern Medicine", James J. Walsh.