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Spell check of poor

Correct spelling: poor

stony-broke, sleazy, baneful, sparing, embarrassed, stone-broke, well-to-do, wretched, in straitened circumstances, trifling, waste, lamentable, displeasing, poor people, pauperized, scummy, skimp, misfortunate, penurious, hard up, beggarly, badly off, ruthful, faulty, old-fashioned, substandard, sick, rubbishy, flimsy, easy, lesser, niggardly, dead, unforesightful, pinched, off, bust, pathetic, artificial, ordinary, suboptimal, gimcrack, flyspeck, affected, pauper, crude, infirm, hapless, stingy, miserable, execrable, forgetful, mediocre, peasant, imperfect, pitiable, embarrassing, low-grade, tasteless, rock-bottom, irremediable, pity, bum, disappointing, insufficient, rustic, piteous, scanty, rich, bereft, famished, disgusting, white trash, feeble, little, schlock, disadvantaged, penniless, scant, bony, slum, ridiculous, odd, threadbare, impoverished, desolate, helpless, squalid, bargain-basement, woeful, dowdy, ruined, myopic, minor, mean, unfruitful, impecunious, slim, deficient, miserly, second-class, necessitous, undistinguished, beggar, subpar, unfavorable, newfangled, ill-suited, humble, crummy, inadvisable, dirt farmer, bankrupt, scarce, skimpy, unfertile, aw, infertile, the have-nots, lame, reduced, brusque, ramshackle, scruffy, dissatisfactory, barren, unsatisfactory, flashy, sad, sorry, cheapjack, cheesy, pretentious, destitute, unwholesome, inadequate, starving, slimy, thin, schlocky, common, raunchy, unpleasant, indisposed, lousy, subnormal, valueless, down-and-out, el cheapo, unsightly, pitiful, insipid, good, slummy, distressing, dire, trashy, defective, shoddy, excess, resourceless, punk, incompetent, unsuccessful, light, exiguous, deprived, brusk, base, homeless, too bad, barbarous, unimportant, cut-rate, stark, dirt-poor, inelegant, ill, contemptible, limited, lower, insignificant, tawdry, subordinate, unretentive, underdeveloped, corny, needy, awful, big, beggared, hardscrabble, unproductive, poverty-stricken, inexpert, shabby, diminutive, low-down, low, wealthy, heartrending, second-rate, shortsighted, unacceptable, homespun, incapable, distressed, abject, have-not, heartbreaking, amateur, dilapidated, unequal, rotten, low-rent, petty, bush, homely, invalid, short, despicable, weak, bush-league, inept, deplorable, average, spare, coarse, garish, busted, paltry, curt, wack, rueful, black, insolvent, wrong, meagre, silly, skint, unworthy, suffering, disgraceful, puny, hand-to-mouth, meager, flaunting, derisory, vile, arrant, outlandish, trumpery, sparse, needful, smaller, wanting, ugly, no good, broke, unfortunate, showy, tight, sterile, terrible, inferior, struggling, worthless, out-of-date, indigent, unprovided for, glaring, strapped, pedestrian, trivial, cheap, underprivileged, gaudy, slender, sour, loud, moneyless, bad, unsound, secondary, measly, scurvy, vulgar, detrimental, junky.

gilded, adequate, lush, prosperous, handsome, fair, boss, fat-cat, deep-pocketed, easy, excellent, neat, silk-stocking, well-situated, decent, fine, respectable, top-notch, satisfying, so-so, prolific, passable, plentiful, enough, polished, green, superlative, well-to-do, gratifying, refined, worthy, A1, unexceptional, middling, banner, liberal, generous, flush, lavish, useful, terrific, thriving, suitable, bursting, premium, ample, proliferative, well-fixed, swell, mediocre, heavenly, stellar, wonderful, teeming, fortunate, verdant, groovy, top, special, acceptable, wealthy, sterling, mean, noble, rich, OK, well-off, luxuriant, lucullan, opulent, sensational, satisfactory, abundant, blooming, nifty, fruitful, swarming, comfortable, divine, first-rate, par excellence, first-class, sylvan, marvelous, affluent, bang-up, borderline, copious, productive, tasteful, tolerable, unsurpassed, elegant, plenteous, fat, classic, perfect, keen, moneyed, sufficient, deluxe, handcrafted, high-grade, choice, well-heeled, average, dandy, flourishing, arable, extra, great, bountiful, grand, splendid, slick, crackerjack, capital, princely, loaded, all right, tillable, standard, better, uninspiring, luxurious, classical, sumptuous, unimpressive, fabulous, exceptional, plush, excess, jim-dandy, plushy, minimal, fecund, tip-top, supernal, superior, surplus, good, fertile, superb, fancy, prime.

Examples of usage:

1) The poor are not the only class that need help. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) My poor wife was very fond of him. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) " Here it is," she said, " 'Th' poor ye haave always with ye. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.