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Spell check of dreadful

Correct spelling: dreadful

horrific, blank, straight-out, dread, revolting, nauseous, flat, hard, terrifying, awed, nauseating, utterly, sheer, repulsive, untellable, portentous, bodacious, vehement, unutterable, heavy, clean, direful, stone, abominable, noisome, foul, noble, formidable, imposing, Midland, repugnant, acute, very, abhorrent, crashing, exquisite, gross, arrant, regular, fear, indescribable, painful, flagitious, fulsome, awesome, consummate, noxious, frightening, intensive, horrendous, ineffable, amazing, profound, intimidating, flat-out, deadly, atrocious, fearsome, sorry, wicked, scandalous, furious, solemn, unadulterated, damned, awful, almighty, fair, downright, dreaded, total, violent, majestic, pure, dead, thorough, outright, thoroughgoing, explosive, awe-inspiring, simple, detestable, such as it is, redoubtable, keen, unnameable, definite, horrible, offensive, out-and-out, excruciating, sore, hellacious, forbidding, disgusting, fearful, blistering, tremendous, macabre, categorical, grand, grievous, despicable, gruesome, hideous, stately, scary, unqualified, terrific, hopelessly, cotton-picking, blooming, deep, sickening, nightmare, horrid, heavy-duty, good, severe, august, odious, rank, repellent, all-out, stark, grisly, loathsome, utter, unspeakable, appalling, frightful, nasty, poor, complete, sadly, nightmarish, ferocious, vicious, monstrous, hair-raising, unconditional, plumb, indefinable, perfect, afflictive, lurid, execrable, irritating, horrifying, obnoxious, terrible, vile, awing, shocking, unmitigated, bad, dire, rancid, fierce, distasteful, unpleasant, unalloyed, alarming, spine-chilling, evil, ugly, ghastly, obscene.

delightsome, restricted, soothing, healthy, commonplace, lightened, delectable, salubrious, paltry, felicitous, shallow, savory, pacifying, enticing, contemptible, unexceptionable, undignified, cheering, despicable, relaxing, desirable, alluring, mean, unobjectionable, questionable, reduced, doubtful, blessed, wholesome, moderated, palatable, dreamy, unalarming, appealing, darling, lowly, innocuous, inviting, toned, pleasing, restorative, acceptable, comforting, calming, pleasant, luscious, heavenly, likable, consoling, congenial, superficial, light, lessened, subdued, inoffensive, dulcet, good, attractive, delightful, uncertain, quieting, salutary, alleviated, equivocal, decreased, tranquilizing, soft, agreeable, enjoyable, reassuring, gratifying, base, humble, vulgar, pleasurable, moderate, weak, sweet, nice, dubious, feeble, welcome, delicious, inferior, abated, healthful, lulling, eased, satisfying, diminished, beggarly, qualified.

Examples of usage:

1) It's dreadful, isn't it? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Could we cross the dreadful river on the morrow? - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) It was a dreadful laugh, but Silas was used to it, and was not alarmed. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.