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Spell check of glaring

Correct spelling: glaring

brutish, noticeable, manifest, raw, depraved, fulgurant, discernible, indelicate, crude, light, piercing, animal, distinct, evident, inspecting, coarse-grained, brazen, ill-bred, unmistakable, unseemly, witnessing, salty, blinding, fiery, good, spying, tawdry, pouting, sharp, luminescent, observable, ignoble, unpolished, unrefined, glimpsing, incandescent, shining, glinting, grimacing, glancing, lustrous, arrant, striking, low, cheap, homespun, radiant, significant, sleazy, regarding, perceptible, repulsive, glary, scintillating, glowing, discerning, clumsy, blatant, glistening, cockney, fulgurous, transparent, tactless, flashing, intent, vulgar, shiny, pronounced, flaring, glittery, offensive, searching, tacky, illuminating, phosphorescent, neon, sulking, revolting, ignominious, lucid, fulgent, tangible, obvious, peeking, apparent, looking, indubitable, watching, common, egregious, viewing, chintzy, barnyard, staring, peering, scowling, gleaming, crass, boorish, flagrant, patent, sighting, coarse, beholding, beaming, inelegant, bright, brilliant, meretricious, perceiving, burning, undignified, garish, penetrating, obscene, conspicuous, rude, tasteless, stark, base, fixing, rank, obtrusive, glowering, outlandish, observing, profane, loud, sordid, gazing, lurid, colloquial, fluorescent, earthy, graceless, capital, barbaric, visible, frowning, well lit, clear, dazzling, seeing, rough, scandalous, style, philistine, palpable, radiating, open, overt, luminous, self-evident, degraded, tinsel, plain, idiomatic, shocking, sparkling, gross, glittering, broad, in bad taste, brummagem, vivid, shimmering, polished, crying, eye-popping, gaudy, flashy, blazing, shameless, unbecoming.

imperceptible, concealed, unnoticeable, inconsequential, unthought-of, inconsiderable, small, unobtrusive, impenetrable, undiscovered, trivial, inconspicuous, slight, obscure, occult, dark, covert, unseen, hidden, unknown, secret, unimagined, insignificant, invisible, trifling, latent, dull, impalpable.

Examples of usage:

1) " The 'ard 'igh road" in the west is bad enough, but when it's glaring sun on this red, hard soil, however bright and light the air, you soon get fatigued on foot. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

2) The eye stares vacantly into a glaring light held close before it, and the widely dilated pupil shows no sign of reaction. - "On Snake-Poison: its Action and its Antidote", A. Mueller.

3) Fred still remained silent, gazing in the convulsed face, with the veins in the temples throbbing, the eyes glaring wildly, and the grey hairs seeming to rise and move. - "The Master of the Ceremonies", George Manville Fenn.